‘FIFA 16’ Developer Confident Game Can Overcome Early Advantage of PES 2016

Reports are already coming out lately that Konami’s “Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2016” is getting the better of EA Sports’ “FIFA 16” in terms of their respective gameplay trailers shown recently. However, EA Sports is still confident that it can overcome whatever advantage its rival has at the moment because it is banking on the overall excitement that its football simulation video game can provide to gamers.

While Konami has focused more on graphics and gameplay improvements in “PES 2016,” EA Sports has concentrated on improving the overall content of its video game, with plenty of new features and improvements.

The developer is confident that with the new features and improvements on the video game that very much resemble the events in real-life football, gamers will still stick to “FIFA 16” eventually once they realized that the game has plenty to offer in terms of content, features, more things to do, and thus more excitement too.

EA Sports is also banking on the game’s popularity over the last couple of years compared to the version of Konami and it is really determined to hold on to its reputation for “FIFA 16” despite a gallant attempt from the Japanese game developer.

A host of changes and additions

In a report by the International Business Times of India, EA Sports has promised to bring a host of changes and additions to “FIFA 16” that will set it apart from its predecessors.

One of the new features that are coming to “FIFA 16” when the football simulation video game is launched on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One on September 22 includes a detailed pre-season for Career Mode.

Players can join pre-season friendly tournaments and they can travel through Asia, South America, North America, or Europe before the start of the football season.

There are also the changes to the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) that shall also come with the unique FIFA Ultimate Team commentary.

And as previously announced, “FIFA 16” will feature 12 national teams from the women’s game for the first time including those involved in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

There is also the extensive Career Mode training which has been part of the franchise but EA Sports further augmented it. There is already the FUT Draft Mode which would allow players to select good players and build their own dream football team. And there are also the wild celebrations every time a goal is made, which is often the case in real-life football games.

Player faces

Meanwhile, an obvious avid gamer of “FIFA” games has posted on Twitter a number of player faces on “FIFA 16” after he was given access to a closed beta of the upcoming video game by EA Sports.

EA Sports has selected a number of gamers at random to test the beta version of “FIFA 16” in order to address possible bugs and other issues that may crop up.

However, one of the testers uploaded on his Twitter account pictures of Manchester United youngsters Tyler Blackett, Paddy McNair, Andreas Pereira, and James Wilson.

He subsequently got requests from his followers to post other player faces. Because of the player faces, many gamers cited EA Sports for doing a fantastic job in rendering the players for “FIFA 16,” which they say is far better than last year’s “FIFA 15,” details Squawka.

The faces of football superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Gareth Bale, among others, look very realistic in “FIFA 16” and players would certainly feel happy about it.


EA Sports has announced that it shall release the gameplay demo of “FIFA 16” on September 9, some two weeks ahead of its launching on the gaming platforms.

Amid all the gameplay improvements and new features that will come with the game, the “FIFA 16” Career Mode shall come with two new features that were missing from the previous titles of the franchise.


  1. Fifa has not concentrated on any new features, a few new buttons to press in career mode is not “new features” it’s fickle small minded ideas since their main and only focus is ultimate team. Fifa 16 is just another sad excuse for the loud screaming youtubers to make more money, the no life ebay scammers and whoever else tries to make a living from all the soon to be gambling addicts sad lives.

  2. This is cry for help by EA. Konami are about to release a game that could dethrone PES 5 – greatest PES ever. FIFA is done.

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