‘GTA 6’ Latest Rumors Suggest that Setting Could be France’s Largest Mediterranean City of Marseille

The rumors about the open world action-adventure video game “Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6” seem to be non-stop online indicative of how popular and widely anticipated the game is.

From a previously speculated release date of 2018, rumors are now rife that the game could come out in 2020 at the earliest as American developer Rockstar Games reportedly have its hands full with the development of the open world Western action-adventure video game, “Red Dead Redemption 2” and the development of regular new contents for “GTA 5″ and “GTA Online.”

The other set of rumors, insinuating that Rockstar Games is worried about the budgetary constraints for the development of “GTA 6,” seems to be unfounded since money is no longer an issue in the development of any game of the franchise.

Incidentally, in order to soothe gamers for all the waiting game that they have to endure until “GTA 6” finally comes out, a group of “GTA” gamers has made a guessing game on which possible place where the “GTA 6” could be set.

The guessing game is called “Grand Theft Auto 6” Foreign City of the Week. In it, gamers have to analyze crime situation in key cities abroad and assess if they are qualified to become a “GTA 6” setting, details Game & Guide.

The latest to have made the speculation is France’s largest Mediterranean city, Marseille. The city is a cool mix of crime and rich culture. Marseille already existed even during the Greco-Roman era. It is also an important port during the French golden age and was also battered during World War 2.

Gamers and critics are saying that “GTA 6” fits well with Marseille, given the city’s notoriety for being Europe’s second in crime rate, replete with petty to organized crimes.

Challenge to outdo “GTA 5”

Rockstar Games biggest challenge in the development of “GTA 6” is not how good it is going to be but how it can actually outdo “GTA 5” which has gone on to become one of the biggest selling games of all time.

As a matter of proof, “GTA 5” has generated $800 million in sales on its first day after its release to the gaming consoles and the PC in October 2013. The game breached the $1 billion sales mark some two days later.

“GTA 5” took a different approach to its story mode, adding three central characters to the mix. The missions and heists were exceptional, boasting some of the best in-game cinematography ever committed, which propelled the game into a league of its own, reports Know Your Mobile.

Many are saying that work on “GTA 6” is almost certainly underway, however, as such things take a lot of time, gamers are more interested in knowing how far along Rockstar is with the development.

Critics believe that the game development giant already had much of the story and concept for “GTA 6” in the bag before it even released “GTA 5” so gamers should just be happy knowing that a sequel is already in the works.

Taking a backseat in development

There are reports saying that the development of “GTA 6” would further take a backseat even after the launch of “Red Dead Redemption 2” because Rockstar Games shall focus afterward on the development of an online map expansion of San Fierro and Las Venturas for “GTA Online.”

The expansion shall reportedly be released in October 2018. But before that, the Liberty City online map expansion would be released in September 2017 or about the same time as the release of “Red Dead Redemption 2.”


Thus, instead of a 2018 release for “GTA 6,” a 2020 launch is believed to be more feasible for the latest installment to one of the world’s most successful video game franchises.

Over the past two years, the rumors about “GTA 6” have been quite consistent as far as its speculated release date is concerned.

Since it took American game developer Rockstar Games all of five years to develop “GTA 5” from “GTA 4,” it was assumed that the company would also need five years to develop “GTA 6.”

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