‘GTA 6’ Having More Flying Missions Will Make the Game Lose its Essence, According to Critics!

The next installment to the open world action-adventure video game “Grand Theft Auto” is about three years away from its possible release date on the current generation gaming consoles and the PC yet the daily dose of rumors and speculations on the internet regarding “GTA 6” makes one thinks that the game is just around the corner.

There are just too many rumors about the game that nobody knows which are true and which are not since game developer Rockstar Games has been pretty quiet about it.

One thing is clear, though, “GTA 6” appears to be in the thick of development right now because all those rumors would not be hitting the internet if something is not up in the game development company.

Among the latest rumors about the upcoming sixth installment of “GTA” is that it will feature more aerial missions and more weapons choices.

It sounds viable although if critics are to be more stickler to the title of the video game itself, “GTA 6” having too many flying missions would make it deviate from its real essence. After all, Grand Theft Auto usually means a heist pulled off using a car. So the particular rumor should be taken in with a fine grain of salt.

As far as more weapon choices are concerned, the “GTA” games have never been short in terms of such so this particular part of the rumors may have a bit of accuracy to it, notes the Christian Times.

To come out with full VR support

There are also rumors of late saying that when “GTA 6” comes out in the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC anytime from 2018 to 2020, it would already feature a full virtual reality or VR support.

The use of VR technology in most video games has been catching on with a lot of game developers so it is possible that Rockstar Games may adopt and use the same on its flagship video game franchise.

Having a full VR support would surely raise the experience of gamers to a whole new level on “GTA 6” so it is possible that Rockstar is looking into such possibility as well as the huge earning potentials that it might bring to the company in the future.

However, until Rockstar makes the confirmation on the inclusion of this advance feature to “GTA 6,” fans and gamers should wait it out before making any conclusion or even attempt to spread the word.

New themed clothing

Incidentally, Rockstar Games has recently released Patch 1.33 as the latest update to the existing game “GTA 5.”

The patch brought new themed clothing items, new weapons, and missions, alongside bug fixes to “GTA 5” which heightened the enjoyment and excitement of gamers into the game all the more, notes Neurogadget.

But the level of excitement is certainly higher on gamer anticipation for “GTA 6.” But fans and gamers are aware that the game would not be coming out anytime soon.

Other than the game’s possible release date, new characters, new maps, new weapons, new features, and plotlines, there is now word that Rockstar has already decided on what music to be featured in “GTA 6.”

The source of the information is named Paula Reed who claims to be involved with the development of the game over at Rockstar. Reed said that Rockstar has expressed interest in featuring the widely popular song ‘Kakai’ in GTA’s latest installment.

gta 6

‘Kakai’ is a song by Shatta Wale and it is very popular not just among African-American communities in the US but all over the world.

The hit song has made an immediate impact through the different dance charts all over the world and Rockstar is reportedly impressed with the song and is now looking at the inclusion of the music on “GTA 6.”

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