GTA 6 Didn’t Actually Have Its Trailer Leaked, Fans Disappointed to Learn!

People apparently also want to see a female protagonist in the next game, and that’s another rumor that gets brought up quite commonly. It could work well in combination with multiple protagonists, although Rockstar should be careful in how they’re balancing the personalities of the characters.

There are plenty of other suggestions that the community talks about regularly, and the game could end up very interesting if Rockstar are actively listening to their community. Which we know they are – the studio is one of the better ones on the market with regards to keeping in touch with their fans.

“GTA 6” is probably still a long way off and the game will likely go through multiple iterations and different changes before it’s here, but it’s very likely to be an even bigger hit than “GTA 5” if Rockstar really have such creative ideas for it.

The franchise still has a lot of potential to be explored, both in its setting as well as its gameplay, and even though “GTA 5” pushed it forward a lot, there is still a lot that can be done. “GTA 6” might take years to complete, but the game can easily set some new trends on the gaming market and not just in its own franchise, as it will be a game that will get a lot of attention once it’s out.

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