GTA 6 Didn’t Actually Have Its Trailer Leaked, Fans Disappointed to Learn!

A lot of speculation has been surrounding “GTA 6” lately, and yet there is no official information in sight. Which is probably not that hard to imagine, considering that Rockstar are still hard at work on “GTA 5” and they are actively developing new content for it, so we’re likely not going to hear anything about a sequel anytime soon. At the same time, gamers love to speculate, and fans of this franchise are no exception – we’ve seen lots of rumors about “GTA 6” and what the game could possibly include, and people have been mostly focused on the plot and protagonists of the new game.

We recently saw a video that was supposedly a trailer for the game that had made its way to the Internet unintentionally, and it was getting a lot of attention from pretty much all fans of the franchise. The trailer seemed to show the game’s location and some other details, showing various scenes from London, but in the end it turned out that the trailer was fake.

Some fans were already suspecting this to be the case, as they had noticed various peculiar details in the trailer and some small inconsistencies that led them to question the legitimacy of the leak, and in the end not many people were surprised to find out that the trailer was not genuine. And as can be expected, that didn’t actually drag down many fans’ enthusiasms as most people remained highly interested in the game and are still actively discussing what might happen once it’s released.

There are several prominent theories in the community right now and most of them are related to either the location where the game is going to take place, or the characters that will be featured in it. Some fans are convinced that the next “GTA” is going to be set in a real-life location, and there are some popular suggestions as to what that might be. It’s no surprise that London was featured in that fake trailer, as it was among the more commonly brought up ideas and many are convinced that it’s a good choice for the next game in the franchise.

Several other real locations have been mentioned as well, and there are even theories that the game might take place in several areas all over the world, taking the player on an exciting ride through its setting. This could indeed be interesting, especially if the time period of the title is a more untraditional one. There have been rumors that it could take place in the 60s or 70s, and even though that could be strange in the context of the most recent “GTA” games, it could also be very interesting to see.

On the other hand, it’s becoming more and more traditional for “GTA” to avoid existing locations, so we don’t know if we would expect this to happen after all. Rockstar are getting more creative with their settings for the game, and they might have more interesting ideas on their mind.


Something else that’s commonly discussed among fans are the possibilities for the protagonist(s) of the game. At this point, we don’t know if “GTA 6” is going to follow the trend set by its predecessor and feature multiple different main characters. It could be interesting for the fans, and it could spice up the story even more if Rockstar pulled it off right, as it was already a good idea in “GTA 5” and was taken very well.

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