‘GTA 6’ Developer Rockstar Likely to Release the Game Ahead of the Rollout of PlayStation 5!

The reports and speculations about the release date of the open world action-adventure video game “Grand Theft Auto 6” have been very consistent thus far – it would likely come out in 2018.

While some sites are playing it safe by saying that “GTA 6” could come out anytime from 2018 to 2020, the consensus is that the game would come out in 2018. The reason why 2018 is more plausible rather than a later date is the fact that the current “GTA” game, “GTA 5,” came out to the gaming consoles and the PC in October 2013.

Five years in game development are considered an eternity and for a permanent franchise like the “GTA,” game developer Rockstar Games cannot afford to be passive. The earlier that the game comes out, the better it would be for the franchise.

However, Rockstar is also the type of game developer that does not want to rush things for the sake of coming up with a game. It always puts a premium on quality because it wants to maintain its reputation as one of the better companies when it comes to game development.

There have been reports that it is also possible that Rockstar would defer or coincide the release of “GTA 6” with the release of the next-generation gaming console from Sony, and perhaps from Microsoft too.

According to T3, Sony might possibly drop the PlayStation 5 sometime in 2020. Consequently, Neurogadget thinks that Rockstar would release the “GTA 6” in 2020 as well and that the game developer would develop the game in accordance with the specifications of the new gaming console.

But based on the track record of Rockstar Games, the company does not actually care on the release date of the gaming consoles. It can be recalled that the “GTA 5” was released on the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, and the PC in October 2013. The following year, versions of the game for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 were released because those latest gaming consoles came out after the “GTA 5” was released.

In other words, Rockstar could just released the “GTA 6” in 2018 without having to mind whether the PlayStation 5 would already be available by then, or possibly the Xbox Two from Microsoft as well, because the company could just as easily develop a version of the game on the next-generation gaming consoles a year or so later.

Working on the game already

With the advent of 2016 in the gaming community, it is possible that developer Rockstar Games is now on the initial phase of development for the sixth installment of “GTA.”

Previous rumors have been consistent that “GTA 6” could come out to the gaming consoles and the PC in 2018, which makes a lot of sense since it actually took Rockstar all of five years to develop and release “GTA 5” from the time it released “GTA 4.”

However, based on the game development process of the New York City-based game developer, Rockstar should be working on the initial phase of the game if not already laying down the groundwork.

Latest reports have it that the developer is still busy working on several more DLCs this year for the online multiplayer version of “GTA 5” and it is likely that its concentration for “GTA 6” will be much heavier towards the second half of 2016.

Female character to take center stage

The next loudest rumor about “GTA 6” is about the upcoming game having a female character and that actress Eva Mendes is being considered for the voice acting role.

gta 6

In fact, latest reports have it that the actress is close to signing a deal with Rockstar for her voice acting engagement on “GTA 6.”

A female protagonist for a “GTA” game would be a welcome change in the franchise but it shall come as no longer a surprise as many other games have also been focusing on female protagonists, reports Crossmap.