Grimm Season 5 to Take the Show Back to Its Roots, According to David Giuntoli!

“Grimm” has been running quite successfully for four seasons now, and it’s managed to establish a very respectable user base. And there’s no denying that the show has changed a lot during that time, with various characters evolving and showing different sides of their personalities. The overall theme of the show has gone through some changes as well, and it doesn’t quite have the same feeling as when it started.

This is definitely nothing bad though – looking at viewership numbers, people are obviously having fun with the format changes in “Grimm”, and the producers know what they’re doing. However, the new season of the show could be a bit of a throwback to the older episodes, as David Giuntoli, who plays the role of Detective Nick Burckhard, has been giving us some teasers about his character getting angrier in the next season.

He will be looking for revenge after the royals took his mother’s life and also turned his girlfriend – or ex-girlfriend at that point – into a traitor. It’s likely going to be a very dramatic, tense season, and Nick’s character is going to go through some serious development.

At this point though, most of the royals are gone – except Captain Sean Renard – and we don’t know exactly who Nick’s anger might be directed towards. This is one of the points that fans have been wondering about the most, actually, so we’re likely not going to get many official teasers or hints before the new season airs.

Which is currently planned for October 30. This is when season 5 is going to premiere on NBC, and it’s been hinted that fans are going to get some interesting developments right from the first episode of the new season. Many questions will be answered throughout the new season, and some of those answers will likely be addressed in the very first episode.

Among the various things that fans have wanted to get an answer for, we’re likely going to see an explanation for the “keys” at some point soon. David Greenwalt teased fans that they’re soon going to find out what the keys are supposed to do.

In the same presentation, he also referred to the new season as a “reboot” for the series, revealing that the show will be dealing away with the subplot about the royals, in order to allow Nick to focus on his son more closely, along with his ex-enemy Adalind Shade.

Claire Coffee, the actress who plays Adalind, has previously said that there will be no romantic subplots for her character in the new season, but we don’t know if we should trust her. After all, she could be trying to conceal some major plot development that’s coming up soon, and if the writers are planning something more exciting for season 5, of course none of the actors are going to spoil that.

Grimm Season 4

In other news, we’ve learned that the new season is going to pick up where the previous one left off, and the story will be a direct continuation of the original plot. There might be some things that have to be explained along the way though, but the first episode of season 5 is likely going to be focused on delivering those explanations and making sure that everything is settled properly for the new episodes that follow after it. Which, from what we’ve heard so far, are going to be done in the classic style of the first season.

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