GoPro Hero 5 Possibly Coming around the End of This Year, Rumors Say!

One of the things under the most speculation is the price point of the upcoming camera, and people aren’t quite sure what GoPro will charge for it. This is an active concern for some, as there is some apparent trend for the price of these devices to increase regularly.

This is the opposite of what we typically see in other markets, where the common trend is for prices to go down as improvements are made and the technology gets better, but this also depends on factors like the parts becoming cheaper and more easily available.

But in the end, the main factor that drives better pricing is active competition, as when companies are constantly trying to outdo one another in terms of how much their products cost, this can motivate them a lot to be more responsible in their developments.

GoPro could actually release the new device bundled together with a drone, according to other rumors, and this will definitely make things even more interesting on the market. Drones themselves are getting more and more popular lately, and people love to fly them around with cameras attached. GoPro’s Hero 5 seems like it would be the ideal choice for a camera to attach to a drone, especially with the claims that have been made about its size and weight.

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