‘Boom Beach’ Gets a New and Formidable Villain to Defeat in Dr. T and His Mega Crab!

There is something new in the popular freemium mobile strategy game “Boom Beach” and it has been giving gamers a tough time overcoming, like most new challenges in the game normally do.

Since January 15, a new and formidable villain Dr. T has emerged in “Boom Beach” and is practically taking the game by storm and the gamers scrambling to find ways on how to defeat the game’s new nemesis whose super weapon is the Mega Crab.

Finnish game developer Supercell has been updating its gamers on the impending arrival of Dr. T since last week and on January 15, the new villain has taken over the “Boom Beach” account on Twitter. Thus, the game’s Twitter account is now called Dr. T.

One day after Dr. T’s official entry into the game, Supercell learned that gamers of “Boom Beach” are struggling to defeat the villain’s base. As such, the developer has put together some tips to help gamers overcome Dr. T and published it in a blog found on drthelpfultipswebsite.net.

Over the next few days too, Dr. T has been teasing gamers on Twitter as if challenging gamers to try and defeat him.

He was quoted as saying on January 17 that for each gamer who is imagining at beating him, he is also imagining their defeat and ending it with a hashtag of #MEGACRAB.

On January 18, Dr. T teased gamers again by tweeting that their attempts to defeat him have been pathetic as the word pathetic.

Subsequently, he posted that he knows that gamers are having difficulty beating him and that he sympathizes with them. He announced that he has added a new page to the Dr. T Helpful Tips Website, which is actually Supercell doing the usual walk-through for gamers yet again.

A Boss Event

Dr. T is actually part of a Boss Event update that came to “Boom Beach.” Prior to the arrival of the new villain, gamers may have noticed a black shadow map. When they click on the black shadow, it provided information about time, which is actually the countdown of the update time, notes GoPlay.

The update turned out to be the Mega Crab featuring Dr. T, which some gaming critics regarded as to be the last crustacean update to “Boom Beach.”

As a matter of fact, the black shadow on the map looks very much like the appearance of a crab. But as usual, after the update, gamers expect to get more guide videos and strategies from the developer which is what Supercell has been doing over the last couple of days since the release of the Mega Crab update.

Helping gamers overcome challenges

Supercell continues to walk gamers through via the official forum on the game’s website or through its social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Supercell’s strategy is one way of ensuring of keeping its millions of gamers interested to the mobile strategy game, along with its usual updates.

The developer also makes it a point to post game tutorials on YouTube so that gamers would be able to get past any particular stage of the game which they find rather difficult or too challenging to complete.

One of the major focuses on the “Boom Beach” forum these days is the recruitment of new members, to help gamers overcome the hurdles posed by Lt. Hammerman as they all storm the beach and reclaim and take over one island after another.

boom beach

Recruitment of members is the same as expanding one’s clan in the other popular mobile strategy game “Clash of Clans” developed by Supercell. Apart from engaging another mobile gamer to get more interested in the game, recruitment helps in really promoting and ensuring that “Boom Beach” still remains in the list of Top 5 mobile games in the world today.

As a mobile game, whenever Supercell releases an update or updates to “Boom Beach” it always makes sure that it comes up with versions for the Apple Store for iOS devices users, the Google Play Store, for Android mobile device users, and Windows Store for Windows phone users.

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