‘FIFA 16’ May Feature a Story Mode to Chart Football Player Career

The upcoming football simulation video game “FIFA 16” may see the addition of a story mode that lets players create a football character, take him through the process of training, and play his way up to the big football clubs.

The alleged new feature on “FIFA 16” is actually similar to the MyPlayer mode in “NBA 2K15” and MyCareer mode in “WWE 2K15,” which makes the story mode really viable and plausible too.

Although the feature is far from confirmed since EA has yet to make a statement regarding the game’s possible release dates on the gaming consoles and the PC, much more say something about a new story mode on the game, a recent listing for EA somehow suggests that the new element could be really in the works, notes Gotta Be Mobile.

Better than its predecessor

It is expected that “FIFA 16” would be better than “FIFA 15” which should always be the case for game development, especially if the game is a franchise or a series.

Although “FIFA 15” gave gamers a good experience with new timing and better team play, “FIFA 16” was already long in development even before “FIFA 15” was released to gaming consoles and the PC last year. This means that the development team spent more time finetuning and perfecting the game based on gamer feedbacks from its predecessors including “FIFA 15.”

Peter Moore of EA disclosed that there are two phases to game development. The first one is the development of the core game itself where hundreds of people are said to have worked on the video game on a staggered development process.

With more than a year’s work on “FIFA 16,” and taking into account all the learnings that the development team has picked up from the release of the “FIFA 15,” it is likely that gamers will see much-improved features and gameplay for “FIFA 16.”

Improving the most popular game mode

Game experts are also looking for ways to improve the Football Ultimate Team (FUT) of the upcoming installment of the series.

FUT is the most popular game mode of the franchise, amid the recent Price Range Update. Many of the gamers like to play the FUT almost on a daily basis, which prompted EA to consider it the flagship mode of the series.


Some gamers are actually pushing for the removal of the Price Range Update since they find it a bit of a hassle and according to the latest report from FullFIFA, there are three areas that should be addressed by EA to improve the FUT mode of the FIFA 16 including transfer market, gameplay, and customization.

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