Farmville 2: Cheats, Tips and Additional Information on How to Tackle Eagle Eye Eddie!

Facebook games are highly popular. FarmVille, Criminal Case and Candy Crush are some of the popular games on the social networking site. They keep you hooked on with their rewards, and you can compete with your friends to better their records.

Created by Tim LeTourneau and Steve Parkis, FarmVille was a massive hit, with the Gen X farming and building their own farmlands and domesticating animals. Sociologists found it interesting that people who wouldn’t last a day in a real farm where actual owners of huge virtual farms and would time themselves to harvest crops and get money from selling them in the market.

Zynga worked on the popularity of the game and came up with FarmVille 2. FarmVille 2: Country Escape is created for those who enjoy harvesting crops from their farmland and buying property. There is a general belief that you cannot enjoy the game fully if you don’t use the paid version. This notion is quite wrong.

Here are some tips that can make the free version just as enjoyable and rewarding as the paid version.

The first thing to do when you want to upgrade your production capacity is spend 50-60 keys for up-gradation. Invest on the number of items you want to produce. The next thing to keep in mind is the tasks, which take up a lot of time at night when you are not playing. Set them to work before you sleep and collect your rewards in the morning when you wake up. This applies for Paddy’s Pond that takes eight hours, but can give you 600 XP.

FarmVille 2 requires a steady flow of raw crops. This can be an issue sometimes. You can easily tackle this issue by keeping two batches of each variety. This way, you can keep one batch aside while you use the other batch and let it grow back. Grow multiple batches of a similar kind of crop and use them liberally.

If you can’t buy the necessary items from the market due to low level, use the FarmVille 2 social platform to ask your friends to gift them to you. Your friends are important when you start off. When you start, ask them to take your produce in exchange for a crop from their field. This might give you a crop that you need, but can’t produce yet.

FarmVille 2

Eagle Eye Eddie is an interesting character in FarmVille 2. Click on his hangar when he isn’t there to find out what he might want next and keep stocking it up. Also keep him easy in building your farm so that he doesn’t pester you with demands.

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