Expendables 4 Cast An Action Packed Rated R Adventure, And More!

If you have been keeping an eye on what Sylvester Stallone has been doing in movies for the last 20 years, then you might have an idea what to expect when you go and see Expendables 4 in theaters. The Expendables movie series has been nothing short of everything you have ever wanted to see in an action film and there is little reason to believe that the fourth installment of the series would not produce the same results as the first three movies did.

The last movie was rated PG-13, which is not that big of deal to some, but according to Stallone, that kept a lot of the action from getting to the big screen. This time around, however, is going to be Rated R no matter what according to online sources. The Expendables started back in 2010 and released another movie in the series every other year with Expendables 3 coming out earlier this year. Of course the action is a little far fetched, but the reviews are alright and at this point the box office is agreeing with the films.

All that means is that they can continue making them and that is what the intention is for right now. If you have seen the first three movies, than you might be thinking about who you would love to see get a role in the next one. If the addition of Jean Claude Van Damme was not a surprise back in the second movie, wait until you see the fourth movie. It would appear that Stallone is asking just about anyone that has kicked a little butt in a movie before, to at least appear in the Expendables franchise.

The fourth addition to the movie series was confirmed back in March of this year and that information was given by Pierce Brosnan, who is also going to star in the next film. Stallone has high hopes for the villain in the fourth movie after stating in an interview that he would love actor Dwayne Johnson to play the role. Having Dwayne Johnson as the bad guy would be a little shift in how we normally see him in movies, plus the wrestling fans would have more of a reason to tune in.

The Expendables 4

If you were wondering how much more the Expendables have under the hood, the fourth movie is not going to be the last, according to sources. There is at least one actor that signed on for the fourth movie that is coming back for the fifth. Rumors flowing around the internet suggested that there is an all-female version of the movie in the works as well.

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