Elio Motors Positive Production for its Three-Wheel, Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Will Begin in 2016

Nearly three years after unveiling the concept car for its three-wheel, fuel-efficient, and very affordable vehicle, Elio Motors is now very confident that production would finally start in 2016.

As a start-up and independent car manufacturing company, funding is the biggest stumbling block for the manufacture of the highly-anticipated Elio vehicle, which will be the most fuel-efficient vehicle ever with its remarkable fuel efficiency ratings of 84 miles per gallon or a consumption of only 2.8 liters for 100 kilometers.

While the company has already accepted 39,000 reservations for its breakthrough three-wheel car since its official launch during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014, with the consumers shelling out from $100 to $1,000 in the process, financing is still the biggest issue that CEO Paul Elio has to deal with to get the production finally going, cites Gizmag.

In a recent interview after the CES 2015 held in January this year, Paul Elio said that the company is now working on coming up with several financial strategies. He said that he is confident that Elio Motors would be able to secure the funding very soon.

When asked what was the production date that he and Elio Motors are looking at, Paul Elio said that it was still too premature to specify an exact date for the start-up of manufacturing but he is positive that it will happen in 2016. He also said that a 2015 production start-up is already very remote at this point.

Generating resources

One of those financial strategies that Paul Elio and his company is looking at is the disposal of surplus equipment from the former General Motors manufacturing facility in Louisiana worth several millions of dollars on e-Bay. Elio Motors is planning to use the same plant to manufacture its breakthrough vehicle.

While there has been no official statement from Paul Elio or the company about it, it is also likely that Elio Motors is looking for prospective investors or investor-partners to its breakthrough business undertaking.

Lest negotiations are jeopardized, the company wants to keep it under wraps until something concrete has been finalized.

Continuous refinements

Amid the delay in the production of the breakthrough vehicle from Elio Motors, the company has not stopped at all in further doing refinements and additions to the vehicle in an attempt to perfect it before it finally goes into production around next year.

The latest prototype version of the vehicle that was displayed at CES 2015 showed that the car has an added hatchback trunk for more storage. It also features a tablet-based infotainment system in its interior to provide entertainment, music, navigation, connectivity, as well as option control for a rearview camera.

After the introduction of the latest prototype in January, Elio Motors also unveiled last month its customized 0.9-liter three-cylinder engine prototype which officially made the company the first vehicle manufacturer to develop its own internal combustion engine after Nash Motors did it in 1951.

elio car

When it is released, the three-wheel Elio car will be priced at $6,800 and shall be offered in seven different color variants.


  1. I used to wonder if Elio Motors were just bad business people or if this was a scam from the start? I now believe this was a scam from the start. This was a way for Paul Elio to fiddle with his garage hobby while getting others to pay for his hobby along with salary and benefits. Sure….he would love to start a car company. If he had been honest with the public he would not have made it this far. He would have had to get a job and would not have been able to continue to play with this car. I believe they know this will never be produced but why shut it down?…..They are still raking in thousands which allows them to travel, entertain and pay generous salaries and benefits. They solicate thousands of customers per day through paid Facebook ads. They have blocked thousands from posting on their FB page if intelligent questions are asked that expose this scam. Many reservation holders are blocked. In my opinion this car should sell for no less than $19,000 to cover operating cost if it were to sell today They know this. Intelligent investors and the Dept of Energy loan dept knows this. That’s why they can’t get a loan. Yes it is now a scam. They stated they were “on track” to start production in Summer 2014 when they knew this was not possible. So much needs to be done after they have funds to pay for prototypes. If they had the money today it would take years of testing engines and prototypes. They flat out lie to those who have never heard of Elio Motors to collect deposits. They are in communication with a handful of “fans” through town hall meetings that they instruct to spend hours each week monitoring Facebook to help mislead people in placing a deposit. They will be in New York and Florida next month. They will continue to tell thousands in New York and Florida that they are “on track” to start production first half of 2016. They know this is not possible. I would love to see Elio Motors timeline showing when they will have more engines complete, 25 prototypes, ordering supplies and setting up the factory, posting now hiring ads, the hiring and training timelines, etc. They continue to advertise that they plan to sell this for $6800. They say they are still working with suppliers to get the price down to $6800. Paul Elio admitted over a year ago that he has not been able to achieve his advertised $6800 price point. What’s the progress on this? I find it hard to believe they are working with suppliers on costs this early when they know this can not be produced for years. No supplier will quote them future prices. Plus most of the costs are not parts. Most of the costs are operating expenses. The “fans” say that they will be happy if it sells for $8000 or more. Then advertise it for $8000 or for whatever he thinks he can sell it for. The $6800 price point was a lie to get as many deposits as he can. In my opinion, this is not even an attractive vehicle. I did not care what it looked like for $6800. I did not think this started as a scam but I now believe this was a scam from the start. If they are just bad business people and do not mean to deceive then they could have changed their methods months ago after thousands have complained instead of blocking these thousands on their FB page. The drop down box that says they promise nothing was created before they started taking deposits. So this clearly shows deceptive trade practices and false/misleading adverting from the beginning.

  2. While the Elio Motors vehicle has intrigued at least 40,000 of us into putting down a deposit our patience is growing thin since the production dates have continued to be extended and meanwhile companies like Polaris with their new Slingshot shot are on the market and granted it is a different class of vehicle without the creature comforts of the Elio however I am actually going to purchase one this week! It’s more than 3x’s the price & lacks many of the safety features such as air bags and crumple zones however it is built in America using a GM engine and a Miata 5 speed transmission & is amazingly fun to drive & is a real head turner! If you actually build the Elio in 2016 I will probably still buy one since I have a deposit down and it can be driven year round & has heat, a/c & is front wheel drive so it should handle the snow. I am very disappointed in the lack of funding since America has so many billionaires these days like Bill Gates and the list goes on and there are numerous multi millionaires as well who are also car guys like Jay Leno for instance. Anyone who possess some sales skills and can actually back up the fact that you can build it for just under $7k shouldn’t have any problem getting plenty of investors or actually just one big one! I have a feeling that is where the problem lays considering that I am a home builder of various types of recreational & practical vehicles such as motorcycles custom made & motorized bicycles that get around 150 mpg & will run around 40 mph & require no driver’s license, insurance or tags nor registration of any sort in most states. The cheapest price I can build one for is around $300 for a bare bones and not very reliable Chinese engine that you have to mix oil and gas to operate. I can however build a very good quality unit with a Honda 4 stroke engine on a full suspension bicycle that you can realistically get 10 to 30 thousand miles on with very little maintenance and produce it for around $1,000 and retail it for $1,200 if I don’t value my labor for much. I guess my point is that I find it very hard to believe that building your own engine which is very nice by the way & I am certain is a key factor in achieving a mpg number that I can barely achieve with a 2.5 horse power bicycle! I think the $6,800 price tag is probably the biggest draw back for you to start production if I were to guess. Having said that & the fact that I am going to shell out around $25,000 for a Polaris-Slingshot that is an open air cockpit with very few creature comforts other than the fact that it is fast and runs 0-60 in under 6 seconds & will go about 130 mph & you can install a turbo or super charger that will boost the horse power up in the 260 HP range and again it is a toy & not a practical daily driver but they are pumping them out very rapidly with existing USA auto maker parts. You need to produce your vehicle very soon before it loses all interest especially while gas prices are currently very low.
    Mr. Elio, you are a very smart man and I could secure finances of only $240 million if it was my project? Something just doesn’t appear to be right & unfortunately the American public that was truly interested in purchasing one of your unique vehicles to the point of giving you a deposit on a basically non existant enclosed motorcycle! I would take possession tomorrow if you had one to sell me as I am pretty certain the majority of the other 40 thousand people would but some are growing skeptical & see this going the way of the tucker or Avanti which were both awesome but never really produced but a handful. You owe it to yourself to test drive the Slingshot & watch the expressions of the people who own one.. Even though is a different purposed vehicle your autocycle will have similar responses of excitement. I have I hopes for the Elio but in all honesty if I can’t get my hands on one by January of 2016 I & many others are going to move forward & buy vehicle’s that really exist you know? I would truly be impressed if I got a response from Paul Elio himself and not a staff member or form letter. And your best advertising is word of mouth so even if you have to increase the price to $8,999 to make it happen I think the majority of us would still be in since you can’t even get a large motorcycle nor trike for that price! Don’t string us along any further, either raise the price or do whatever you need to raise the start up money or tell us that it’s not going to happen instead of filling or mail boxes with useless emails. I am 55 with failing health and had to give up the Harley’s & many of my other motorized toys and really want one of these while I am still able to use it. I am not complaining either, I have enjoyed a terrific life and have more things to do but in less time and one of the few things on my bucket list is the drive an Elio to the West Coast & drive it through one of the Redwood trees! I can do it in my Slingshot but I would prefer heat and A/C and a roof over my head just in case mother nature interferes!
    Sincerely, David Hannon

  3. Their latest ‘prototype’ was released in January…… January 2014! Their Production Date has ‘slipped’ from Jun 2014, to Jan 2015, to 3rd Qtr 2015, to first half of 2016. How “confident” can they be, when they still need over $200 million?

    1. That’s what I heard on the Clark Howard show today, they still need $200 million, but hey may have been wrong, outdated info?

  4. I’m all in and feel the same now. After saving $500.00 and putting it down August of 2013, I waited to “see” how it was going before committing the final $500.00. Then they pulled a fast one saying the 50% match was ending 9/1/2014 and not wanting to lose the discount, I scrambled to get the rest in just in time to find out about the push out…again. Oh, Elio said people complained about the discount ending so they started the 25% match for 3 months then around Christmas went back to the 50%. In other words, not enough people were getting suckered in. I have written in with comments and questions and got the same, “Thank you, we’ve passed this along to the right people”, er garbage can. Things like, Take your idea to the Shark Tank for funding, and “Put your money where your mouth is, because with all the high profile executives you boast as having on board, they could pool their own money, fund the project and pay themselves back in no time.” How’s it going with the engine? Transmission? Government Loan? And…Nothing. Now I briefly read messaging sent by Elio, then hit delete while shaking my head, thinking, it was a nice dream. I was hoping I was actually helping out a fellow American start-up. But hey, look on the bright side, thousands of others as intelligent or more than I am have the most expensive T-Shirts and bumper stickers ever sold! Scorpio #8848


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