Dragon Ball Super Episode 6: Some Characters’ Personalities in New Dimensions, And More Information

Vegeta and Beerus underwent some serious character developments in the latest episode 6 of “Dragon Ball Super”, and the two characters might have a lot more going on inside their heads than the writers are letting on in general. For example, while it was clear that Beerus was trouble, his evil side was expanded quite a lot in this season, including through some flashbacks that showed him causing trouble in Vegeta’s past.

Vegeta was shown being paralyzed by Beerus during a celebration, at which point we found out that the two characters go way back, with Beerus having threatened Vegeta’s father some time ago. This is apparently the whole reason for Beerus to dislike Vegeta so much, as it all traces back to something as silly as a stolen pillow that Beerus originally wanted for himself.

And now his revenge extends to Vegeta, even though he didn’t really have anything to do with the whole incident. However, Vegeta was obviously ready to stand up for his father even in the flashback, although his efforts didn’t amount to much as he was given the same treatment by Beerus, paralyzed in an instant and left unable to come up against him.

But then, something happens – it turns out that Beerus isn’t actually all that bad, and this is a side of his character that’s explored in a lot of detail throughout the rest of episode 6, as the writers portray him as an actually likeable personality. Him and Vegeta slowly but steadily start to get along and they open up to each other on various aspects of their lives. The story leads to an awkward moment when Vegeta and Beerus are invited to a party, and that’s where some of the tension that we mentioned above started to occur.

The episode was written in quite the humorous way though, as the writers obviously wanted to take full advantage of the awkwardness of the scene at the birthday party, where Beerus was quite noticeably putting a lot of effort and straining hard to keep his temper from exploding. He did end up enjoying the party in certain ways though, especially when it came to the food, and even when he was approached by Yamcha in a sort of inappropriate way this didn’t really irritate him, much to the surprise of fans.

But that friendliness and happy moments between Vegeta and Beerus might not last for long. Episode 7 is going to push the tension between the two even further, actually, as we’re going to see Vegeta coming against Beerus with all he’s got. He won’t be alone either, as others will quickly join his side, pooling their efforts together to defeat the powerful entity.

Vegeta will be accompanied by Piccolo, Krillin and several others as shown in the trailer for episode 7, but it’s worth noting that Beerus didn’t really seem impressed by this attack. Quite on the contrary, he was calm and collected and looked like he was mentally preparing himself for the major fight.

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We don’t know how this will turn out for everyone involved, as even though Vegeta is a capable fighter and is being helped by some other very strong characters, Beerus has clearly shown that he is not to be messed with, and he has a lot of power that we know nothing about yet. This is going to be an interesting moment for all fans of the show, but hopefully it won’t end in a negative way that leaves some characters with lasting consequences.

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