Doctor Foster Series 2: The Mysterious Package and other Spoilers

Suranne Jones who plays Gemma Foster on the BBC One’s hit drama Doctor Foster teases that this second series is more twisted and dark than ever, more particularly between her and mistress Kate Parks played by Jodie Comer.

Let us have a recap first on what happened on the first series which garnered a lot of praise from critics and viewers.

Dr. Gemma Foster, GP and senior surgery partner has been married to property developer Simon Foster for fourteen years. They live in Parminster with their twelve-year old son, Tom. Gemma discovered a long blonde hair on Simon’s scarf and a pink lip balm in his pocket eventually letting her figure out that he’s having an affair.

Simon never confirmed it but on his 40th birthday party, Gemma found out through his other mobile phone photos of him and a 23-year old Kate Parks, a daughter of a local businessman.

Throughout the series, Gemma was confused whether she wanted to finally divorce her husband or will get back together. Until eventually resulted in her plotting sweet revenge on her filthy lying and cheating husband.

She quit her job at the end of the series but the ending of the last episode in series one is her giving CPR to a collapsed man after a heart attack and introduces herself as Doctor Foster.

Last week, fans tuned in with the return of writer Mark Bartlett’s drama, Doctor Foster. The episode started with Gemma dissolving her ring into a glass of acid. She also had to process the news that her ex, Simon played by Bertie Carvel was moving back to the neighborhood with his new wife and child.

But just this recent episode, even though how much Gemma and Simon loathe each other they did it again! And it was rather a wild romping with fuels of hate and suppressed passion all over. We’re not sure yet if Gemma filmed their sexy lovemaking in secret to blackmail Simon and show it to Kate but there would always be consequences.

On the opening episode, a mysterious package was given to Kate by Gemma which remained unopened. Will this be a sex tape of Gemma and Simon of their recent tryst? It is speculated that as the series progressed, the dynamic between the two women would change and head towards dark places.

On the other note, Simon just turned Tom against his mother and we don’t know why. Maybe Simon said something to their vulnerable son that made him believe Gemma was the true villain in the midst of their troubles.

doctor foster season 2

Nevertheless, Tom is already spiraling out on his own with one incident of him forcing himself to a woman. This may not turn out to be a good place for Tom especially when he has seem-like psychopaths for parents.

Actor, Bertie Carvel however suggested that our heroine might be the villain in this series or probably the whole series. We’ll have to tune in for more!

The first series proved to be a hit with over 10-million viewers worldwide even with just five episodes. It received Bafta nominations for Best Miniseries and Best Leading Actress. Of course, our heroine from the show who captivated most of the audience, Suranne Jones won the award.

It’s always a cliché but I can’t help to say it, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Doctor Foster airs on BBC One every Tuesday at 9 P.M.

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