Benefits and Risks of Collagen Supplements

Our bodies are all different. What could work with others can sometimes not work for one. That is the ultimate case for all people, I believe. Such as in the case of different supplements, specifically collagen supplements.

Many people nowadays are focused on being healthy and they turn to vitamins and supplements. There are supplements for our hair, face and even muscles and bones. A collagen supplement is considered to be both cosmetic product and a health supplement that improves our muscles and reduces muscle pain.

Let’s define what a collagen is. It is a naturally occurring protein in our body that is responsible for all of the connective tissues and physical elasticity including our skin and tissues.

It gives structure and strength to our hair and nails and at the same time helps heal and repair the skin. It also helps with damaged bones, cartilage, and joints.

This protein is needed to keep the skin tight because its fibers connect together to tighten the skin and makes the skin to bounce back easily after it is pulled. Basically, it makes your skin soft and looks young. As a person grow older though, the body produces less of it that is the problem of most old people, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

Taking a collagen supplement may help the body regenerate more quickly. This supplement is usually made from processed animal tissues. When ingested, it breaks down in the body into amino acids and peptides necessary to build and repair tissue.

There are various benefits of a collagen supplement for our body. Some of these are:

Improving blood circulation – collagen is also part of the blood vessels which controls its dilation and flexibility. If the blood vessels are more flexible, more blood can pass through which could help regulate blood pressure.

Healthy looking skin and reduces wrinkles – wrinkles appear in the skin because collagen depletes as we grow older. Taking supplements with collagen slows wrinkle formation improves elasticity back into the skin.

Hair thickenin­g – decreased collagen level thins hair as we get older but supplementing with it will thicken the strands of the hair that gives it a thicker texture and appearance.

Relief of arthritis – according to several studies, taking a collagen supplement for arthritis reduce a significant amount of pain because it contains the protein that is necessary for joint mobility and elasticity

collagen supplements

Faster recovery from injury – collagen helps heal bones and ligaments because it rebuilds the injured tissues.

With all these benefits don’t forget that results may take a while. Therefore, don’t expect improvements just because you started overnight.

Another more important thing to think through while taking a collagen supplement is its side effects. The supplements are taken from animal tissues and some food products including shellfish and eggs, so hypersensitivity reactions are possible.

Make sure to check the contents of the supplement you’re taking before ingesting it as some its contents may trigger a reaction.

Calcium is definitely a good thing for our body but not in very high doses. An increased level of calcium is also another side effect. Its symptoms are vomiting, bone pain, fatigue, nausea and constipation.

All in all, we can’t stop ourselves from getting old but at least we can slow it down for a while. Remember that our body reacts differently from others. If supplementing with collagen makes you feel healthier and gives you more confidence and you are aware of its side effects then, by all means, take one.

But if you start recognizing signs and symptoms that are unusual after taking it, you could always stop and consult your doctor.

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