Despite Being Killed in Season 8 Series Finale, Villainess Missy to Return to ‘Doctor Who’ Season 9

Actress Michelle Gomez, who deliciously plays the role of villainess Missy in the British science-fiction TV series “Doctor Who” on BBC, says her character will return in the two-part premiere of Season 9 upon the show’s comeback on the small screens this coming autumn.

Michelle Gomez’s Missy character will return to the TV show despite being killed in the series finale of Season 8 titled ‘Death in Heaven.’

Steven Moffat, lead writer for “Doctor Who” said that Missy perfectly fits into the plot of the two-part premiere of the show for Season 9. He explained that the character of Missy or the Master really puts a different light on the Doctor and makes the show very interesting for fans and televiewers, details the Digital Spy.

For her part, Gomez is just happy to be able to reprise the role of Missy again in “Doctor Who” Season 9. She describes Missy as quite a lady and she attributes the character’s extremities to the beautiful writing of Steven Moffat.

She added that Steven wanted to have a little fun with Missy again so she would be more than happy to take on the character again. However, Michelle thinks that Missy gets bored easily so death might be a lot interesting for her because the character thinks that life is terribly dull.

The statement actually hinted that although Missy will be back for Season 9 of “Doctor Who,” it is likely that it will just be short-lived figuratively and literally, which means that she will already be gone again by the second or third episode of the show.

Michelle however said that she can come back over and over again to the series because the character was already written by Steven Moffat that way. So her future return on the series shall all depend on the lead writer or the plot of the succeeding episodes of Season 9.

A time-travelling alien

“Doctor Who,” the current TV series, is an evolution of a British TV program that was produced by BBC from way back in 1963.

It is the story and adventures of the Doctor who is a time-travelling humanoid alien as he explores the universe onboard his sentinel time-travelling space ship.

The original British TV program run from 1963 to 1989 or a period of 26 years before it finally signed off the air. There was an attempt to revive the show in 1996 but it was unsuccessful then.

It was finally re-launched in 2005 with Russell Davies as the showrunner and head writer for the series’ first five years.

The first series in the 21st century starring Christopher Eccleston in the lead role was produced by BBC. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation also helped out by contributing to the development money for Series two and three of “Doctor Who.”

The doctors of ‘Doctor Who’

Since its first-time airing in 1963, there have been 12 different actors who assumed the title role of the Doctor in the TV series.

doctor who

The transition from one actor to another, and the varied approach to the role that they bring, is written into the plot of the show as regeneration into a new incarnation. It is a life process of the Time Lords through which the character of the Doctor takes on a new body and also new personality, which normally happens after sustaining injury which are often fatal to most other species.

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