Continuum Season 4: Renewed For Six New Episodes, Rachel Nichols Excited about the Show Getting a Proper Ending!

Continuum fans can finally rejoice! With rumours of the production being stuck and no plans for renewing Continuum Season 4 doing the rounds, there is official word stating that Continuum Season 4 will finally see the light of day.

After months of news on cancellation, Continuum star Rachel Nichols has confirmed that the popular sci-fi drama is going to return to Showcase for the fourth and final season. Continuum Season 3 finale had raised a lot of questions in the minds of the viewers and the cliff hanger left fans wanting more. They have been desperately asking for a wrap-up, if not a new season, given that the media bosses were not making any official comments.

However, it looks like the huge fan pressure finally forced Shaw Media, the production house that looks after Continuum, to renew it for a fourth season. Yes, Continuum Season 4 will be a short one, with only six episodes, but something is better than nothing!

Showcase, the Canadian channel that broadcasts Continuum, had fielded questions on Twitter, saying that they will make public announcements the moment they get any news regarding Continuum Season 4. The fact that the channel had not entirely denied the prospect of a new season had made the fans excited.

Continuum has been phenomenal for the past three seasons and the finale of Continuum Season 3 was nothing short of great. With Executive Producer Simon Barry taking charge, Continuum Season 4 is bound to be a fitting end to the massively popular sci-fi thriller.

Continuum deals with a story line involving a group of rebels called Liber8. They travel to Vancouver in 2012 from the year 2077. The rebels travel back in time to stop the powerful corporations from wresting out power from the hands of the government in the future. The rebels, soon after travelling back to 2012, realise that they have been involuntarily joined by Kiera Cameron, a law enforcement officer from the City Protective Services.

While taking steps to hide their real identities and fighting the authoritarian regime, Cameron realises that maybe her time travel back to the past was all part of a bigger scheme of things.

Continuum Season 4

Kiera Cameron is played by Rachel Nichols, who was ecstatic that Continuum Season 4 will see the light of the day. She said that she loved the series as a fan and was glad that the creators will let the series end in the manner it deserved. She said that it was sad that the new season will only have six episodes, but it was good that there will be a proper ending instead of the series ending with no proper denouement.

What do you expect from the Continuum Season 4? Leave your comments below.

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  1. I think the series got very complicated and very hard to keep attention on the same issue liber8 vs corporate control. They just cornered themselves with the series of constant time travels. I’m glad they decided to give a proper end and I hope the close all the loop holes and open questions left behind and Kiera finally makes it back to her family with a happier ending. I think Fonegra was perhaps the only character good in this story. Everybody else showed a dark side

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