Constantine Season 2 Rumors Starting Again after Talks of Possible Arrow Cancellation!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any rumors about “Constantine”, as fans of the show mostly got used to the fact that it’s not coming back and its first season was also its last. There was a lot of discussion back when the show was cancelled, with people talking about what could have been done to prevent that, and many were outright surprised that the network decided to pull the plug so early.

But according to reports, ratings just weren’t good enough to warrant keeping the show on air, and it was performing significantly worse than the producers expected. The sheer volume of discussions about the show on the Internet makes it hard to believe that there was actually such little interest in it, and people were generally skeptical of those reports, but in the end there was little that could be done to change the situation, and the decision of the network was final.

Or so it seemed – lately, there have been some interesting new rumors about the show possibly coming back, and while we wouldn’t be quick to jump to any assumptions, fans of “Constantine” have immediately started talking with a hopeful voice in some messaging boards.

The show is somewhat closely related to another production – “Arrow” – and this is the source of the current rumors as well. After “Constantine” was cancelled, the protagonist of the show made a guest appearance in “Arrow” and this was seen as a move to make up for the premature cancellation of the show to its fans. But some saw it as a hint that the character is still “alive” and the idea of his show isn’t quite dead yet.

Recently, there have been talks that “Arrow” might be headed in the same direction as “Constantine”. Although the show managed to last significantly longer than the other, reaching five seasons, there are rumors that season 5 could be its last, as ratings have been getting lower and lower. There are also reports that fans themselves have been getting a bit disappointed with the way things are moving, and all in all it sounds like “Arrow” is in a tough spot right now, and it might not be long before the show is taken off the air.

And with that, some people have been hopeful that “Constantine” could come back to replace it. Of course, this could be just wishful thinking by those who were strongly attached to the old production, but it’s also a possibility if there is enough demand from the audience. There were attempts by fans of “Constantine” to show the network that they cared about the production and didn’t want to see it abandoned, and while they didn’t seem to matter much back then, maybe the network will see things in a different light now that they will have a new slot to fill in their programming. On the other hand, they could already have something lined up for that slot, so it’s hard to say.


But many seem to believe that “Constantine” ended far too early for its own good, and the show should have been given more time to properly develop. There was a lot of potential in its premise, and people were particularly attached to the way characters were presented to the audience. Plus, the basic premise of the show was a bit more original than the majority of productions we see nowadays, and the character has a special place in the hearts of many.


  1. just finished the season and its so epic, its ridicules that shows like supernatural get to season 11 and this gets caned so early, i really hope they can some how bring it back. matt ryan is so awesome as Constantine

    1. I like supernatural and have from season 1 but it doesn’t have the same excitement in each episode that Constantine! Just finished it too gotta see what Manny is really up too!

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