‘Clash of Clans’ Santa’s Surprise Spell Returns to the Game as Part of the First of Three ‘Clashmas’ Gifts to Gamers

Finnish game developer Supercell has officially released the first of three ‘Clashmas’ gifts to its freemium mobile strategy game “Clash of Clans” on December 22 and the two remaining gifts were subsequently rolled out in the next two days.

To drumbeat the ‘Clashmas’ gifts, Supercell also released a trailer for the update which was highlighted by the return of Santa’s Surprise spell, reports the International Business Times.

Santa’s Surprise spell is essentially an overpowered lightning spell where Santa Claus flies over the map to drop down a bunch of explosive presents.

The spell can do about 900 damages at higher Town Hall levels but the stat will decrease for the naïve players. At a reasonably low price, it should be easy to brew for everyone because it is brewed just like any other spells in “Clash of Clans.”

Gamers who are familiar with the spell know that Santa’s Surprise is better off using it when the gamer wants to spread lots of damage across a wide range of targets.

It is not effective if the gamer simply wants to take out the opponent’s Inferno Tower.

Available for a limited time only

As in the previous ‘Clashmas’ gifts in “Clash of Clans” over the past few years, it shall only be available for a limited time, two weeks actually.

Apparently, the gifts including Santa’s Surprise spell would be removed from the factories on January 5. However, gamers can hold on to completed brews for as long as they like so they have the option to create as many brews as possible during the duration of the ‘Clashmas’ gifts.

Prior to the arrival of the ‘Clashmas’ gifts, the game also got a major balance update with buffs and nerfs to existing troops, as well as discounts that make troop training more effective at lower levels.

The ‘Clashmas’ gifts are now available for Android and iOS gamers of “Clash of Clans.”

The Winter Update

The long-awaited December update to “CoC” turned out to be the Winter Update to the game. However, many players found it to be a slight disappointment as they were expecting bigger and more significant update from Supercell, notes Mobile & Apps.

The Winter Update to “CoC” implemented some major changes in the maximum levels of certain game characters. The Barbarian King and Archer Queen were just some of the game characters that had an increase maximum level.

In addition, Hog Riders and Golems characters were also tweaked to increase their maximum level capacity.

The update also improved the levels of Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11, including the Walls and the Golems. Feedback from the players about the little to no difference between Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11 was also reportedly tweaked by Supercell.

The Winter Update also implemented a fresh wave of game balancing that affected the witches, HP buffs, balloons, dragons and poison spell.

Players are still looking forward to the “Clash Of Clans” update that will incorporate virtual reality features and the 360-degree gameplay feature, which was previously rumored.

Just recently, a “CoC” gamer, by the name of Dabolus, came up with a brand new project in the popular mobile video game, which he called as the “Clash of Clans” Troop Creator.

As its name implies, the Troop Creator allows “Clash of Clans” players to customize their troops which may actually be officially used by Supercell later on in the game especially if the project proves to be a good addition to the strategy game.

Even if players do not have knowledge of Photoshop, they can still create their own troops for the game using the Troop Creator.

Dabolus made the announcement of his new creation at the Supercell forum where he said that his work is currently hosted on the same domain as the “Clash Royale Card Maker.” He plans to transfer it to another website at a later time.

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