Clash of Clans Getting Special Halloween Update with New Aesthetics, More Details

It’s interesting to see how fast this game has managed to evolve. It used to be a simple title that nobody considered seriously in the beginning, but it had its niche following. After a while though, it quickly picked up in numbers and became one of the giants on the mobile market.

Its success has had a noticeable impact on the industry as a whole, spawning various games inspired by its gameplay and the ideas that were introduced with “Clash of Clans”. But of course, the original remains the most popular and it keeps attracting even more players on a daily basis.

The game is prominently featured in the media as well, which most likely has a huge impact on its prominence.

With all this in mind, it would be interesting to see where the title ends up after some time. It’s been moving forward very actively, and these kinds of player numbers are something that many developers would give an arm and a leg to acquire. But in the end, it comes down to a healthy dose of luck and not just having a good product. That’s just the way the industry works, a trend that has existed since the beginning.

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