Half Life 3 Gets Teased in Dota 2 Mysterious Update Text File!

Game developer Valve Corporation may have intentionally dropped a hint about its upcoming first-person shooter video game “Half Life 3,” not through a logo of the game or a tease on some blogs or website, but through a mysterious file that came with the latest updates to the multiplayer online battle arena video game “Dota 2.”

Players of “Dota 2” were actually surprised to receive an unknown text file as part of their game’s regular updates. The mysterious file seems quite suspicious because it has a file name of hl3.txt, notes Yibada.

As hl3 in Valve’s lingo only means “Half Life 3,” game enthusiasts believe that the file is an intentional hint of the game developer to say that it is now working on the development of the highly-anticipated first-person shooter video game.

When the file was opened, it actually contained various references such as squads, VR technology, VY movement, and Chaperone, which are all possible allusions to “Half Life 3.”

The text file also mentioned of ziplines and Combine pulse ceiling Turret which indicate that “Half Life 3” may contain “The Combine” in its plot.

Creating awareness and building excitement

However, all these theories and deductions are mere speculations at this time pending the confirmation from Valve Corporation. Critics can’t help but wonder why Valve decided to drop the hint on such manner. It could be that a member of the development team of “Half Life 3” could not contain his excitement about the game that he decided to include the mysterious file in the “Dota 2” updates.

There is no reason why the document should be uploaded at all unless the developer really intends it that way – a cryptic allusion that it is now working on “Half Life 3.”

There are speculations that the company may have intentionally dropped the mysterious file to its most popular multiplayer game because it wanted to create awareness that the game is down the line and might get released soon.

Another speculation suggests that the file is just an inside joke and was aimed to mock players who are eagerly awaiting the release of “Half Life 3.”

Whether it was intentional or not on the part of Valve, the mysterious file certainly generated interest and news for “Half Life 3,” so the proponent was somehow successful in getting nearly everyone’s attention about it.

Learning from the hacking experience

“Half Life 2” was released way back in November 2004. But two months before it was released, German hacker Axel Gembe found his way onto Valve’s servers and managed to download the source code for “Half Life 2.”

Gembe later on claimed that he did not upload the game’s source code on the internet but once it started spreading, it was already quite impossible to stop.

Valve was overly distraught by the leaks that co-founder Gabe Newell posted on the company’s message boards asking for help on what happened.

Ironically, Newell got help from an unlikely e-mail source which is Gembe himself. Newell agreed to speak with Gembe, pretending to be interested in having him join Valve’s in-house security team.

Half-Life 3

Gembe took the bait and was slated to fly out to the US. The moment he touched down, Gembe was to be arrested by the FBI. That didn’t happen, though, because the German government arrested him first. Gembe was then charged with hacking into Valve’s network. It was never proven that Gembe uploaded the source code, but he did admit to infiltrating Valve, which prompted the judge to give him two years probation, details Kotaku.

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