Christina Milian Experiences 2 Wardrobe Malfunction in Six Days; Speculations are Rife that Those Could be Intentional on the Part of Singer!

Wardrobe malfunction has practically become a habit for American singer and actress Christina Milian last week in a span of six days.

First, she flashed a bit too much during the red carpet of the “Live by Night” premiere on January 12 as she accidentally showed off her nipples in a completely sheer ball gown after she went braless during the bash, reports

Then six days, later over at the beach in Ibiza in Spain, her right nipple literally spilled out of her skimpy one-piece swimsuit.

It appeared that the “Dip It Low” singer can no longer contain her boobs as she tried to cool off in the beach and found herself revealing more than she bargained for, details The Sun of UK.

Could be intentional

Subsequently, given the number of days in between the two wardrobe malfunction happened in less than a week’s time, speculations started swirling that the RnB singer may have actually intended to show off her nipples in the first place.

Some critics note that it was obvious during the red carpet of the “Live by Night” premiere that she really wanted to flaunt her firm nipples in her sheer gown and they believe that given her curves, Christina Milian has all the right reasons to be proud of her breast.

However, the swimsuit malfunction in the beach in Ibiza may entirely be a different story as nip slips often happen especially if the swimsuit that a person wears is a little too loose.

Based on the pictures of Christina Milian on a skimpy swimsuit in Ibiza, it seems clear that her bathing suit is a bit loose especially around the breast so when she came out of the water, the abrupt motion may have forced the swimwear to slip on her right side and thus revealing her right nipple.

With her ample cleavage on her one-piece swimsuit, Christina Milian still had her fun day in the sun and water, though.

Realizing her wardrobe malfunction after a dip in the water, she had to continuously readjust her swimwear for the rest of the afternoon to avoid further showing off her nipple.

Christina Milian has yet to make a comment about the back-to-back wardrobe malfunction. In most cases, only the paparazzi and some fans talk about it but not the star or celebrity who suffered from such as it is not really a big deal and accidents do happen.

Leaving nothing to the imagination

During the “Live by Night” premiere, Christina Milan wore a corset under the flimsy material that left absolutely nothing to the imagination as she smiled for the cameras, apparently oblivious to the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

With her hair tied tightly back, and dark lippy, Christina cut a dramatic figure in the bronze floor-length dress.

The US singer covered her shoes in a lengthy train and carried a small clutch for the star-studded bash.

The star turned around in more snaps to show off her peachy behind in the see-through gown.

Christina was joined on the night Ben Affleck, Zoe Saldana, Elle Fanning, Sienna Miller, and more.

Ben was in good spirits as he laughed with his co-stars, wearing a smart blue suit and a tie. Meanwhile, Sienna Miller opted for a blue tasseled gown for the bash.

Christina shared a photo of her posing with Zoe Saldana inside and said in the caption that finally she got to meet Zoe Saldana and lauded her for doing a lovely job in the film as always.

Milian recently starred as Magenta in the “Rocky Horror Picture” reboot on Fox, and speaking about the role, she said that she did definitely study not only the original movie, but also the plays, and the other woman who have played Magenta, and seen where they took the character.

Christina Milian started to become a singer at the age of 19 when she signed a contract with Def Jam. In 2001, Milian released her self-titled debut album, which featured the singles “AM to PM” and “When You Look at Me.”

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