Children of Mr Incredible and Elastigirl to Carry the Crime-Fighting Torch in ‘The Incredibles 2’

Just desserts

Bird said that they should put on mind that a fireball is as only good as the person or character in the movie running it. He said that fireballs in “The Incredibles” were just desserts since the main fare were the characters led by Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl and their superhero-children.

The director says that he likes to be creative in “The Incredibles 2” so he is willing to commit mistakes over and over again until he finally recognizes and corrects them accordingly. Bird considers filming as like a person who does not know how to swim being thrown into a pool until he gets to learn to swim and survive on his own.

Bird explained that Pixar does not look to movie sequels as a financial plan. He said that the company values its relationship with its audience more than the earnings it can make on the movies it is producing.

Bird said that his goal is to come up with a good story for “The Incredibles 2” to ensure that it comes out better than the first film.

Maybe Brad Bird was just playing coy lest he lets out a mouthful about “The Incredibles 2” but there are already tons of internet news sites that have published the supposed storyline for the sequel.

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