Children of Mr Incredible and Elastigirl to Carry the Crime-Fighting Torch in ‘The Incredibles 2’

Director Brad Bird of “The Incredibles” shown back in 2004 has confirmed that he is now busy working on the script for the long overdue sequel to the Pixar animated film.

The family of superheroes will definitely be back but instead of Mr. Incredible and his wife Elastigirl taking charge of all the crime-fighting actions in the sequel, they will be letting their children take the reign in “The Incredibles 2,” according to Movie News Guide.

The sequel will take place some 12 years after the first movie so it is quite understandable that both Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl have somewhat retired from their superhero ways and allow their children to take centerstage instead.

While Dash and Violet will continue with the crime-fighting ways, reports indicate that their youngest brother Jack-Jack will be a focal point in the story.

Unfortunately, unlike his superhero parents and his sister and brother, Jack-Jack cannot control his powers. His parents have also become very protective of him following Jack-Jack’s kidnapping by a villain. Eventually, Jack-Jack became an outcast and a rebel.

It was during this time that Jack-Jack realized that he can only control his super power abilities if he is angry or becomes villainous. Unfortunately, it was another villain, which speculations say is to be known as Syndrome, who first saw these unique traits of Jack-Jack and he thus mentored him to become a great villain under his tutelage.

Working on its own merits

In a recent interview, Director Bird says that he is worried about critics commenting too much on other movies that they overlook its good points.

He said that films should work on their own merits and that viewers should recognize them for such. He also said that he thinks the greatest special effects of an animated movie like “The Incredibles 2” are its characters and not the computer-generated images or effects.

Bird explained that he really loves the characters of “The Incredibles” and getting the opportunity to be with them once again with “The Incredibles 2” gets him excited to no end.

Still, he is mum on the release date of the movie. But considering that he is still in the process of finalizing the script, a 2016 or 2017 playdate may seem likely.

incredibles 2

The director believes that a lot of movies have seemed to forget that the main ingredient to films is their characters. Instead they bring out a lot of fireballs and then later on wonder why the fireballs don’t have the impact the way they expected them to be.

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