Cartoon HD Will Likely Never Go Away, So Should the Industry Try to Adopt It? Let’s See

Cartoon HD has been around for a while, and at this point it’s fairly safe to say that the app isn’t going anywhere and it’s not going to be blocked effectively anytime soon. Even though big media companies have been trying hard to prevent it from appearing on the market, their efforts have proven mostly futile as the app not only stays active in one form or another, but it even gets more variants popping up all over the Web.

Sure, its original versions have been removed from the various app stores where it was released – but Cartoon HD is still out there in different versions, including one available through the browser, as well as custom application packages for mobile devices. While it’s a little extra hassle to get access to the app’s contents in the current way, it still works and has still been attracting a lot of users on a daily basis.

Are those big media companies therefore looking at the situation wrong? Some experts have been saying that instead of trying to go after the app and all of its users, those companies should take a step back and reevaluate their own business model. Is the sole reason that people are flocking to the app so much in the free nature of its contents?

Or is there something else in there that’s attracting all of those people – such as the convenient, easy to use interface, and the easy access to varied content that’s generally not available on any other streaming platforms in such a combination? It’s definitely true that, for a free app, Cartoon HD offers quite a lot to its users, and it’s packed full of great features.

So with that in mind, perhaps the right thing to do here would be to figure out a way to implement this business model in the industry more prominently, and ensure that users can get convenient access to the content they’re interested in. Maybe if that happens, the problem with the pricing will resolve itself as users will suddenly find themselves more willing to pay for the content they’re getting.

Cartoon HD

We’ve already seen examples in other industries too – Valve did it with their Steam platform, and they have been enjoying tremendous success with it ever since. There was a lot of skepticism towards the project at first, but Valve ended up successfully resolving all of its issues, and presented Steam in a way that made everyone want to jump in. It remains the biggest player on the PC market for a good reason.

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