‘Call the Midwife’ Season 5 Episode 6 Will Deal with Feminism Stigma and Turner’s Failing Health

Sarah Durham’s Mother Thora will go to great lengths to conceal the pregnancy of her daughter Diane, played by Jill McAusland in the upcoming episode of Season 5 of “Call the Midwife.”

The sixth episode of the 5th season will see shame taking over Mother Thora as she tries to save her daughter, and possibly herself, from the neighborhood gossip.

Fans will be treated to Thora Hill’s efforts in making sure her daughter’s pregnancy won’t make a bad impact on both of their images as well as her future.

Adding to more feminism issues, the upcoming episode will also focus on Rosie Jones’ Lizzie. According to BBC One, Lizzie is still too ashamed of social judgment to report a violent attack against her.

The labor of social pressure on Lizzie then allows a dangerous man to go free and target others, including one attack which rocks Nonnatus House to its core.

Reports note that the episode of “Call the Midwife” mirrors modern sensibilities. Even to this day, many women are still afraid to speak out because of fear of having their reputation and credibility tarnished.

BBC One’s period drama will air its upcoming episode on February 21. As per the episode’s synopsis, Laura Main’s Shelagh and Max Macmillan’s Timothy will attempt to cheer Dr. Turner, played by Stephen McGann.

The two will secretly organize to take the doctor on a long-overdue camping holiday. However, a freak summer thunderstorm threatens to ruin the enthusiasm.

The synopsis adds that despite everyone’s efforts in making the family camping a success, the trip is cut short after Dr. Turner realizes his patients are at risk from the locum GP working in his absence.

During the series’ fifth episode, Dr. Turner and Shelagh were forced to accept the fact that their lifestyle has changed drastically since they cannot catch up anymore with the modern advances of today.

Cartermatt reports that the recent episode proved to be somewhat an emotional affair and the tradition will likely continue in the latest installment.

There shall also be a series of bad things that will happen to Dr. Turner, who had to navigate through some medical mistakes this season and realized that head-on smoking was slowly killing him.

Turner’s realization was very strange especially in today’s generation when cigarette smoking have become a habit for many. However, it’s important to note that the show is set in the 1950s era so his reaction was normal in that particular era.

According to Christian Today, the past episode has seen the physician with his trademark cigarette and the fact that he cannot part with his vice has become his persona in the period drama.

Speaking to Radio Times, McGann spoke about the ordeal of smoking saying that during the 1950s, the effects of smoking was just beginning to be studied.

The 53-year-old actor spoke about a certain British study where thousands of smokers took part in a long-term survey. The study also got professional people who could be relied on to give data.

McGann also said that during the current season, Turner will come to terms with the fact that his failing health was because of the fact that it was already too late when he made sense of how smoking affected his body.

Meanwhile, another problem cropping up for this season could be because of Turner’s undoing, Breathecast reports.

call the midwife season 5

The website claims that this season will have storylines about babies born with missing limbs and other shocking defects, which may be related to the previous Thalidomide scandal.

Last season, it can be recalled that Turner prescribed a drug to an expectant mother and her baby turned out to be one of the focus of an interesting story arc.

Upon discovery, reports say that the news would sadden him and make him reflect on his duties as someone who saves lives.

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