‘Big Hero 7’ to Get Promotional Boost from ‘Big Hero 6’ TV Series on Disney Channel!

The sequel to the 2014 animated hit “Big Hero 6” is reportedly in the works and if all goes according to plan, “Big Hero 7” could actually hit theaters anytime from 2017 to 2019.

There have been a lot of reports about the possible plotline of “Big Hero 7,” with the most common being Tadashi Hamada, the brother of Hiro who died during the science expo explosion in “Big Hero 6” coming back in the sequel as Sunfire.

Sunfire will initially be the villain in the sequel but he will eventually return to the fold of the good side and shall become the seventh member of Hiro’s team, which is why the title of the movie is “Big Hero 7.”

But more than the possible plotlines of the sequel, latest reports have it that the movie could actually get a big boost in terms of promotion as Disney is reportedly working for the release of the “Big Hero 6” TV series on Disney Channel very soon, reports The Bitbag.

The new animated TV series shall be produced by “Kim Possible” creators Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, together with Nicholas Filippi as supervising director.

The reports really had fans of “Big Hero 6” excited as they can’t wait to see Baymax and Hiro and their team once again after their big screen appearance in 2014.

A huge stomp in programming

Gary Marsh, president and chief creative officer of Disney Channels Worldwide, expressed excitement on the prospect of “Big Hero 6” making a huge stomp in the programming of Disney Channel.

He said that their colleagues at Walt Disney Animation Studios have created a brilliant new world, inspired by Marvel, with vivid and unique characters. He added that they are thrilled to be given the opportunity to further develop the “Big Hero 6” characters in the world-class animated series.

Marsh also guaranteed Disney Channel viewers that the TV series will be full of fun, action, and the kind of endearing storytelling that only Mark, Bob, and Baymax can deliver.

As far as possible storyline for the TV series is concerned, reports have it that “Big Hero 6” on the small screen shall continue the story where the movie left off which means that it shall follow the adventures of Hiro and his friends leading ordinary lives of university students by day and superhero during their free time.

Not happening anytime soon

Despite reports that the earliest that “Big Hero 7” could come out in theaters is late next year, there are also reports saying that the film might not come out anytime soon, reports Kicker Daily.

“Big Hero 6” Director Chris Williams recently explained that no sequel will ever get made unless the directors want one and feel too strongly that there is a story that needs to be told.

He added that if it is not a great story, it won’t be a great movie, adding that the crew deserves a great story.

Williams also added that they also have to consider the big expectations from the audience who mostly grew up with Disney animation.

Apparently, it is the new paradigm being implemented by Disney because the entertainment conglomerate wants to elevate storytelling and put filmmakers in the center of the process. This also means that Disney would only agree to make sequels of its past films if the creative team can come up with a worthy idea of making one.

Amid the rather pessimistic view of Williams, “Big Hero 6” co-director Don Hall seems rather confident that there will be a “Big Hero 7.”

big hero 6

During an interview late in 2014, he said that they were still exhausted from the ordeal of making the first film but they really love the characters of “Big Hero 6” so they could always look forward to working with them again in the near future because it obviously appeals to their senses, as well as the millions of viewers worldwide.

Those who have seen the successful animated flick “Big Hero 6” know that in addition to Hiro Hamada, the other big star of the movie is the robot Baymax.

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