‘Big Hero 7’ to Feature a Brother versus Brother Plot; Baymax Likely to Get Upgrades!

Based on the initial reports on the possible plotlines for the sequel to 2014’s animated blockbuster “Big Hero 6,” the movie rumored to be titled as “Big Hero 7,” shall feature a brother versus brother conflict.

Reports have it that the upcoming “Big Hero 7” shall feature the return of Tadashi Hamada, brother of Hiro, the main protagonist of “Big Hero 6.”

Tadashi died in “Big Hero 6” after an explosion during the science expo but accordingly, he may have survived it as well just like Professor Callaghan, who turned out to be Yonkai.

Apparently, one of the many inventions in the venue shall be able to save Tadashi and he will return as Sunfire.

In the Marvel comics, Sunfire has the capability to shoot fire and is one of the founding members of Big Hero 6.

When he comes back, he will be battling it out with the Big Hero 6 led by Hiro and thus the brother versus brother conflict.

However, just like the battle between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight in “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” or the face-off between Captain America and Iron Man in “Captain America: Civil War,” the conflict between Hiro and Tadashi will eventually be resolved in the movie and they will join forces.

In fact, that is precisely the reason why the movie is tentatively titled “Big Hero 7” because Tadashi as Sunfire will be the seventh and newest member of the superhero group, notes Crossmap.

Improvements on Baymax

Another interesting rumor about the upcoming movie came from Bryan Alexander, the voice actor for the robot Baymax in “Big Hero 6.”

In a recent interview, Alexander said that fans should expect to see a new Baymax in the movie because Hiro is always looking to upgrade his creation.

But the improvements are always meant to make Baymax better. Alexander even said in jest in the same interview that Hiro has been teaching his Baymax character to laugh, details Movie News Guide.

In terms of production, reports have it that Disney will commence working on “Big Hero 7” after the completion of “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” which was based on the statements made earlier this year by Stan Lee, executive producer of Marvel Studios.

Stan Lee said earlier this year that after “Ant-Man, they are going to start playing around with “Doctor Strange,” “Black Panther,” “The Inhumans,” and then come back for “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” “Big Hero 6,” the “Avengers,” and “Captain America.”

It seems though that at this point the Marvel scheduling is different especially when Disney released in October its movie release date calendar from 2016 up to 2020.

Projected playdate

“Big Hero 7” will likely have a playdate on theaters anytime from 2017 to 2019 if Marvel Studios will stick with its own hectic timeline and certainly loaded production schedules.

It was actually Marvel Comic Book creator Stan Lee who said in a previous interview that “Big Hero 7” will be released after the “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” but before the “Inhumans.”

“Guardians of the Galaxy 2” already has a May 2017 playdate while the “Inhumans” is likely to get a playdate of 2019. Given these release dates, then it follows that “Big Hero 7” could come out in cinemas from June 2017 up to 2019.

However, these are just mere speculation at this time and until Disney and Marvel Studios make the confirmation, the timeline mentioned should be taken with a fine grain of salt.

big hero 6

Meanwhile, Japanese toymaker Bandai has released a bundle of new dark painted toys from “Big Hero 6” which fans believe is an indication that “Big Hero 7” is really good as go.

“Big Hero 6” had an appearance at the Japan D23 Expo last month and featured the grim, black-colored action figures of all characters from the franchise.

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