‘Big Hero 7’ Fans Deserve Nothing Less But a Great Story, Says Co-Director Chris Williams

When “Big Hero 6” came out to theaters late in 2014, it turned out to be as one of Disney’s surprise hits for the year. The entertainment conglomerate did not expect the movie to rake in so much profit at the box office but it did, prompting fans to speculate a sequel.

In February 2015, “Big Hero 6” also won the Best Animated Feature Award during the 87th Annual Academy Awards, which was received by co-directors Chris Williams, Roy Conli, and Don Hall.

While Disney has yet to officially confirm whether there would be a sequel to “Big Hero 6,” the general consensus of the rumors are saying that there would be and it is going to be called as “Big Hero 7.”

Latest rumors have it that it is possible that the movie might come out to theaters in the third quarter of next year, which is quite surprising since Disney has already issued a confirmation to “The Incredibles 2” to come out on June 21, 2019 and to “Frozen 2” sometime in 2018 but not yet in a movie that is supposed to already come out next year.

As such, the latest 2017 playdate rumors for “Big Hero 7” should be taken with a fine grain of salt.

Fans deserve a great story

In a previous interview, Chris Williams was quoted as saying that if they come across a good story, they will make a sequel to “Big Hero 6.”

He added that if it is not a great story, it is definitely not going to be a great movie. He also explained that the crew deserves a great story and most importantly, the fans who grew up with Disney animation, reports Yibada.

The sequel to “Big Hero 6” was indirectly implied by Marvel Comics iconic writer Stan Lee when he said last year that Marvel shall start working on “Big Hero 6” after “Doctor Strange,” “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” “Black Panther,” and the “Inhumans.”

If that is to be the chronological case, critics believe that the earliest that “Big Hero 7” could be released to theaters is in 2019 since “Black Panther” and the “Inhumans” are due to come out in theaters in 2018, notes Game & Guide.

Brother versus brother conflict

Speculations regarding the plotlines and cast of characters of “Big Hero 7” have been aplenty on the internet since last year.

What seems fairly consistent in the rumors is that Tadashi Hamada, the brother of Hiro, the main protagonist of “Big Hero 6,” shall reportedly come back in the sequel to become Sunfire, a Marvel comics superhero character.

It can be recalled that Tadashi Hamada was the original creator of the robot Baymax which was later fine-tuned by Hiro. Tadashi died during an explosion at the science expo in “Big Hero 6.”

Accordingly, Tadashi survived the explosion because of some invention in the science expo that turned him into Sunfire.

But having Tadashi Hamada as a villainous character in “Big Hero 7” does not suit well with the fans, with many of them saying that it is an unacceptable plotline.

Big Hero 7

However, having Tadashi as the villain Sunfire in “Big Hero 7” is just half the story because apparently, he and Hiro would be able to patch their differences and the former shall eventually join the group to become its seventh member. That is precisely the reason why the movie is to be titled “Big Hero 7.”

But all these remain as speculations pending the confirmation from Disney which has yet to state whether the sequel to “Big Hero 6” is a go or no go.

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