Ariana Grande Feels Uncomfortable Talking About Her Romantic Relationship in a Talk Show!

TV personality and radio talk show host Ryan Seacrest may have subconsciously gotten the ire of pop superstar Ariana Grande during an interview on his radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on September 13.

During the conversation, Seacrest asked about Ariana Grande’s new love interest, Mac Miller. His question actually emanated from an Instagram post of the “Dangerous Woman” singer featuring a black-and-white photo of Mac Miller hugging Ariana Grande on the floor. She also captioned the photo with ‘Baabyy.’

Her post has since earned nearly 100,000 likes from her 84.1 million followers on the photo-sharing social media app, notes the International Business Times.

Seacrest’s line of questioning made Grande feel uncomfortable and she snapped at the talk show host by saying that if she posts something, that was what she was willing to share at that moment.

The “Problem” singer added that it does not mean that Ryan Seacrest with his millions of listeners is entitled to more information.

The talk show host appeared to be piqued as well so he retorted that it is what they do because if someone, including him, posts something, it becomes something.

More smooth in the TV show

Unlike in her radio interview with Ryan Seacrest on September 13, Ariana Grande’s subsequent TV guesting on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” on September 14 was more smooth.

When she was asked by Ellen about her new man, she just blushed and started fidgeting, reports Entertainment Tonight.

She eventually said that she felt it is kind of crazy because she never had her relationship talk on a show before. She said that she does not want to be pressured to talk about it, which Ellen also acknowledged.

A number of fans of Ryan Seacrest were actually disappointed with the actions of the 23-year-old “Focus” songstress, with some of them describing her diva behavior as rude and immature.

But it is not the first time that Ariana Grande has faced criticisms. On the Fourth of July last year, she was criticized hard after being caught licking a doughnut at a bakery and was also overheard saying that she hated Americans. She subsequently released a statement where she apologized for the so-called doughnut-gate scandal.

Not about ready to give up the ponytail

Now, that she’s 23 years old, there have been reports that Ariana Grande would gradually change her looks to fit her age.

After all, she is bound to outgrow her signature high ponytail, winged eyeliner, and mini-dresses and dress the part of a mature woman.

It was actually her stylist Timothy Chernyaev, who has been gradually modifying the look of the “Dangerous Woman” songstress.

In fact, they have already done away with the froufrou remnants of her Nickelodeon days and she changed it with signature pieces from popular designers.

As a result, Grande has evolved into a style diva of sort as well. In fact, in her recent public appearance, she was spotted wearing silver thigh-high Balenciaga boots by Demma Gvasalia, stylized eyewear from Gentle Monster, printed Stella McCartney bomber jackets, and an array of on-trend oversize sweatshirts.

However, it seems that her famous high and tight ponytail would not be going away anytime soon as Ariana Grande recently said that she still likes it a lot.

ariana grande

Her ponytail is as famous as she is and it has been her trademark look for years. In fact, some critics would love nothing to see the “Focus” singer letting her hair down and try literally any other hair style.

In a recent interview, Ariana Grande said that she feels that there are a million different ways to do a ponytail, adding that it brings so much joy to her too.

She explained that every time she put her hair up, it is like a surprise. She often forgets how much she loves it and then she ties it back and she would say to herself that she loves the look.

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