Big Hero 7 Could Be The Sequel Of The Year!

Back in 2014 there were millions of people that went to the theater to see Big Hero 6. Children were amazed and the adults that brought them to the theater were pleasantly entertained for a little less than two hours. Big Hero 6 is an American 3D computer animated superhero science fiction action film that was produced by the Walk Disney Animation Studios. The movie was a major hit and has even won awards for Best Animated Feature, Best Animated Movie and more.

Just like with any other popular movie these days, the talk about a sequel does not hide in the shadows for very long. Of course the movie was left wide open at the end and there is a perfect place for another movie to be put right into place in the series, but does that mean the studio has to release one? Fans think so and that has fueled all of the Big Hero 7 rumors that you can find online right now.

The plot story for Big Hero 7 has already been posted online for all to see and basically it starts about two years after Tadashi died in the fire. Everyone was hurt until Hiro found out that Baymax was still active and the story unfolded very excitedly after that. In typical, dramatic fashion, the plot story for Big Hero 7 starts with the question as to whether Tadashi actually died in the fire. Even though you are asking, that does not mean you will get an answer.

That question just brings up more questions, like “how is that possible?”, “where has he been this whole time?”, and “why would he pretend that he had died?” All of these questions are sure to be answered when Big Hero 7 gets written up and filmed for fans all over the world. The plot story for Big Hero 7 appears to center around Aunt Cass being abducted after a threat to close the Lucky Cat Cafe. The one thing that is left out of the plot story is who is making the threats and doing the kidnapping.

Big Hero 7

That will be plenty for fans of Big Hero 6 to chew on for a little while as they decide whether the story for the sequel is going to be good enough to get them to the theater for a second time in as many years. Animated movies that are made these days really touch the children and keep the adults entertained. They are some of the most lucrative movies of all time and have seemingly endless story lines and actors and actresses lined up to do the voices for them. Everyone that worked on Big Hero 6 was noted as saying they would love to work with all of the characters again soon.

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