‘Avatar 2’ Release Date Not as Important as its Story, Says James Cameron!

Critically-acclaimed director, writer, and producer James Cameron is a certified artist. He has two of the highest grossing films of all time – “Avatar” and “Titanic” – to show for it.

As an artist, he does not want to be pressured by time elements or deadlines because he wants his movies to be perfect regardless of whether it comes out late by months or even years.

No wonder, despite pressures from various quarters to release a sequel to the 2009 monster hit “Avatar,” Cameron is unperturbed. He creates his masterpiece by his own timeline.

Latest reports have been going around that from a December 25, 2017 playdate, the release date of “Avatar 2” has been pushed back to another later date.

While fans are getting anxious about the movie, Cameron said in a recent interview that the date is not as important for the movie as how the story would run, notes the Ecumenical News.

Cameron said that Christmas of 2017 is the target release date for “Avatar 2” but he does not consider it as important as the fact that when he and the production team get all the three films done, they will drop each of them a year apart.

He added that he calls it a meta-narrative that runs across three movies. Each film can stand alone but it also tells one much larger story.

Focus on Jake as a Na’vi

Rumors and speculations are also rife that the storyline of the upcoming “Avatar 2” shall revolve around Jake Sully, played by Sam Worthington, who shall be a permanent Na’vi in the sequel.

It will also focus on Princess Neytiri, played by Zoe Saldana, and the family they are building. Reports also have it that Sully shall become the tribe’s chieftain while Neytiri will become the priestess.

The first film highlighted their budding romance, but in the sequel the pair will get married and build a family, confirms the Parent Herald.

While Jake and Neytiri’s romance will bloom in the sequel, their struggles, and challenges in Pandora are still far from over. In fact, there are reports saying that their adventure would go beyond Pandora’s tree of souls and that they will be taking their next adventure beyond the forests and go underwater and in volcanic environments.

Avoiding a clash at the box-office?

The December 25, 2017 release date of “Avatar 2” has been taken off from the 2017 release schedule of 20th Century Fox last month, leaving the film without a new official release date.

It remains to be seen whether the disappearance of “Avatar 2” from the release schedule of 20th Century Fox for next year was just temporary or for good measure.

Assuming that “Avatar 2” would not come out to theaters as planned on December 25 next year, it would sure douse cold water anew on the excitement of fans on the movie since its predecessor movie came out way back in 2009.

avatar 2

There are rumors going around lately that the reason why 20th Century Fox removed the December 25, 2017 playdate of “Avatar 2” is because it wanted to avoid a possible confrontation with “Star Wars 8,” which reportedly would have the same release date.

“Avatar 2” is vying to equal if not surpass the US$2.7 billion mark made at the box-office by “Avatar” in 2009. If the movie comes out exactly at the same time or just a week apart with “Star Wars 8,” “Avatar 2” would really be hardpressed to make better money at the box-office on its own.

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  1. Cameron will be incarnating Lieutenant Quarich and Grace Augustine through the Tree of Spirits and their DNA. In 1997 my agent Jerry Smith sent out 2 IPs to Fox “Bats and Butterflies” and “Tree Dwellers”. I sued Cameron and Fox and lost due to the convoluted copyright laws that were meant to protect the studios and not the writers. Cameron and company ruined my future and stole something “Ethereal” from me. Nothing will replace such loss.

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