Ariana Grande Gets a Rude Awakening after Donut-Licking Fiasco; Apologizes to Americans for Discriminatory Remarks

Part of the reason why the owner of Wolfee Donuts did not pursue the filing of charges against Ariana was due to the four-minute personal video apology, which the “Problem” hitmaker posted on her YouTube channel on July 16.

In the video, she apologized to her fans for her actions and comments about hating America and the Americans but did not mention the Wolfee Donuts once in the entire clip.

Ariana explained that the donut scandal was a rude awakening for her after seeing for herself the video of the incident. She said that she was disgusted with herself. She also added that she wanted to shove her face into a pillow and disappear.

However, she eventually decided that she will just come forward and own up to what she did and take responsibility for it. She also apologized to fans because she reacted in a way that she also feels like unnecessary, to say the least, citing that she did not mean to do it because it just wasn’t her at all.

Ariana also added that she has never been prouder as an American. She cited that the advances that the country has made in the past couple of months among other noble initiative have really made her quite proud to be an American.


  1. The spoiled little reptile learned from her revolting behavior. Before the despicable faux pas she was foul and obnoxious. Now she’s just the opposite; obnoxious and foul.

  2. Her initial reflex was the “apology” in which she claimed shes just worried because Americans are so fat and obesity is an epidemic. After that she was seen to be aggravated that people werent letting it go.

    When it became clear this incident might actually dent her wallet, THEN she suddenly was “rudely awakened” and released the damage control video.

    Like all elitist 1%ers she has no remorse. Her remorse is for getting caught and having it potentially cost her in lost sales, damaged image and a lawsuit.

    The issue isnt her silly comments about “hating America”. The issue is her literally spitting on the rabble by abusing a store clerk (who will probably be fired since the health department blamed the downgrade on them), contaminating food that people ate, and laughing about it.

    Thats sociopathic. You dont just ” rudely awaken” if you’re capable of behaving this way. People like this just learn to hide it better.

    1. TRUE! Here apology wasn’t sincere she was unapologetic and lied about why, a stupid excuse too.
      and then her ridiculous brothers aggressive outburst as if she was in the right. She needs to learn to be sincere. She and her family are gross!

  3. She’s NOT sorry. Her sad attempts at apologizing are just because she’d got caught. She now has to go away. No one can trust her. She acted like trash and so ghetto jumping around shouting when she had her bf lick the donuts. And the she licked them. She lowered herself, she should be humble.
    It was obvious that her friends in the video were embarrassed by her.
    She is just nasty and not pretty. Her true colors came out. Ew!

  4. Im a us army vet. I take high, high, offense to this. Have her join the military or get the fuck outtt.

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