‘Half Life 3’ Gamer Excitement Still High Despite Recent Denial from Valve Corporation that Game is Already in the Works

Gamer excitement to the first-person shooter video game “Half Life 3” remains high despite recent denial from game developer Valve Corporation that it is already working on the game.

Early this month, a hint on the company website showed a logo and a teaser poster for “Half Life 3.” But when fans and gamers started checking out the website as a result of the news that a tease of the game has been made on Valve’s site, the company took down the poster and the logo, leaving many fans in dismay.

But the resourceful fans and gamers apparently have found an interesting bug. When a user types valve.software on a browser, the page actually loads and the words ‘Maybe next year’ will appear before getting redirected to the Valve website.

Somehow, it seems to be a hint that “Half Life 3” will be released next year although an official pronouncement or statement has yet to come directly from Valve to either confirm or deny this.

Eventually, Valve came out last week to deny that it made the hint on its website, referring to it instead as the possible work of the more intelligent and tech savvy “Half Life” game enthusiasts.

Previous to the exploits on the Valve website, rumors also surfaced recently about the development of “Half Life 3” because of the appearance of what was believed to be the logo for the game.

The image went viral and rumors of the possible game release hyped up the “Half Life” fans before Valve shoot it down again by saying that it has not released any logo for the game, details Christian Today.

A reality or a wish

There are actually a good number of reasons why “Half Life 3” may or may not exist at all, notes Venture Capital Post. The game is apparently moving towards the side wherein developing it is not an option for the developer at the moment, so craving fans are taking steps to push Valve Corporation to finally create the game.

“Half Life” fanatics are actually going to great lengths just to make sure that the game comes out eventually. Some of them have also raised funds just to come up with ways to attract the attention of Valve and its associates.

As such, “Half Life 3” has become an urban legend in today’s gaming world. Valve certainly has the capability to create the game even without its partner Turtlerock Studios. But unless there are concrete indications that the game is really in the works, it shall remain a wishful thinking for the time being for many of its loyal gamers and enthusiasts.

Cause of the delay

As Valve has been uncharacteristically mum about “Half Life 3,” it seems that the game development company is working not only on the game but something big for the game.

And if a recent tease by one of its programmers is any indication, it seems that the developer is working on a VR or virtual reality version of “Half Life 3.” It may very well be the main factor that is causing the delay in the release of the video game on the gaming consoles and the PC.

Half-Life 3

Valve programmer Jeep Barnett was quoted as saying that they will take some existing art and see how it fits when they grab some headcrabs. He added that they shall also grab some machine guns from “Half Life,” the rocket launcher, and all the other fun things that can be seen in the game, and see how they all play in VR.

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