Apple Watch 2 Specs Have Wearable Fans Talking!

There are not that many people that will deny the fact that Apple puts together some of the best gadgets on the market. Some of the hardware and software might seem a little behind the competition, but that does not stop millions of loyal fans from lining up for the latest and greatest product from one of the richest companies in the world. Even though the Apple Watch is only ten months old, it is time to start looking at what will replace it.

The Apple Watch 2 has been rumored for a little while now and consumers have their wishlist for it. The first model is always known as the “first model”, with the small understanding that the bugs will be worked out over the course of the next couple models. Consumers are hoping for exactly that as the rumors specs hit the internet recently. One of the main things that users are thinking about is the processor.

Just like with every other piece of technology, Apple Watch 2 is supposed to be powerful enough to more. At least more than the last model was capable of doing. This does not always say much for the new model and Apple is good at upgrading a few things to make you buy again, but that is not what consumers want. Apparently, the new Apple Watch is going to be fitted with a 32-bit processor with hopes that it will increase media performance.

The bad thing is that processor is made by ARM and Apple usually manufactures its own processors, so that will be something worth keeping an eye on over the next few months. The original Apple Watch uses the S1 chip and right now there is no guarantee that Apple is going to upgrade it. Apple Watch 2 is also rumored to be coming with a Face Time camera. That might not seem like that big of a deal, but there are hundreds of thousands of users on the app and it might make it even more convenient to use. The camera will allow the new watch to make and receive Face Time video calls.

Apple Watch 2

With the rise of the fitness band these days, it would be only make sense that Apple take a look at adding some of the popular health sensors to the band of the watch. Right now, the improvements are rumored, but that would take a back seat to any other upgrade that Apple has in mind. Samsung is reportedly working on a new P-OLED display for the watch and that is going to fit nicely with the rumored wireless charging, Smart Straps and built-in GPS technology. Analysts are also looking to see if the Apple Watch 2 will be less reliant on the iPhone.

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