Apple Watch 2 Expected to Become the Main Attraction in American Tech Giant’s March 21 Event!

While there have been reports that the American tech giant will be launching a good number of devices at its “Let Us Loop You In” event slated for March 21, it is becoming clear that the Apple Watch 2 will be the main highlight of it all.

The word ‘Loop’ in the event title itself indicates that the Apple Watch 2 is going to take center stage on March 21.

It can be recalled that the Apple Watch launched in March last year featured the Milanese Loop, a modern interpretation of a design developed in Milan at the end of the 19th century. It is woven on specialized Italian machines and the smooth stainless steel mesh wraps fluidly around the wearer’s wrist. Apart from being fully magnetic, the Milanese Loop is also infinitely adjustable, always ensuring a perfect fit. The band fits a wrist with a diameter of between 130 mm to 180 mm.

Apple is reportedly exploring more variations for the Apple Watch 2 beyond the Sports, Steel, and Edition tiers that were made available for the first-gen Apple Watch.

Reports have it that when the Apple Watch 2 is introduced during the March 21 event, it will feature a handful of new colors for the Sports Bands along with additional colors of Apple’s latest collection, the Hermes bands, notes the Macworld of UK.

A black version

A source also mentioned that a black version of the Milanese Loop will also make an appearance at the event. The new color will bring a bit of class to the Apple Watch Sport. In addition, the same source said that Apple may launch an additional band line, made out of a completely new material.

In addition to the Apple Watch 2, the American tech giant is speculated to unveil its 4-inch and affordable iPhone – the iPhone SE, the iPad Air 3, and possibly the 2016 MacBook Air.

However, despite the closeness of the date of the event, Apple has yet to confirm anything at all, preferring as usual to leave the media, which it invited to its Cupertino headquarters in California for the event, second-guessing on what new product or products to expect from the company.

What seems certain at this point is that the Apple Watch 2 will be there. The rest of the devices are still not certain as reports about them coming out during the event are all based on mere speculations.

There are also reports that when the Apple Watch 2 comes out, it shall also come with the Apple Watch OS 2.2 update.

Some are also saying that the March 21 event will not be as big as the usual September event of the company and it can only be confirmed at next week’s event of the American tech giant.

Continue to hold the market lead

The Interactive Data Corporation (IDC) released its report a few days ago and it projects that Apple will continue to maintain the market lead this year through 2020 when the company launches early next week its Apple Watch 2.

apple watch os2

There have been reports that Apple’s competitors in the smartwatch market have been closing the gap, but based on IDC estimates, overall wearable shipments will increase from 72.2 million last year to 100 million this year particularly for watch and wristband products, reports 9to5mac.

IDC’s data also showed that Apple shall be able to maintain its lead this year with an expected 14 million units shipped, more than double the projected shipment of 6.1 million Android Wear devices this 2016. The breakdown would give Apple a 49.4% share of the smartwatch market this year compared to 21.4% for Android Wear.

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