Apple iOS 8.0.3 is A Disappointment As It Does Not Fix All the Problems from the Previous Updates

Apple just doesn’t seem to get it right this time round. The uproar of excitement post the launch of Apple 6 died down soon to see “bend-gate” problems. Right after things were cooling down, it has again come into the new with its latest operating system.

Apple iOS 8.0.3 is full of glitches and problems that the users are highly disappointed with. The Cupertino-based company has launched their much anticipated Apple iOS 8.0.3 along with the Apple 6 and 6+. Millions rushed on to download and update their operating system.

The new operating system is enhanced with features that makes the user interface better and makes it easier for the user to use, however it has several issues and bugs that should have been removed and fixed during the upgrade.

After a huge outcry about the problems and issues, Apple immediately launched updates on iOS 8. It launched iOS 8.0.1 and then iOS 8.0.2 after the bugs were not fixed, and iDevice users kept complaining. Apple iOS 8.0.3 was launched to counter all the problems and fix the bug issues iOS 8.0.3 present in the previous updates.

The first two updates to iOS 8 solved some issues but brought in several new ones. It caused problems in Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular connectivity, iMessage, slow performance of the phone, keyboard malfunctioning and short battery life. Apple iOS 8.0.3 is expected to address problems related to WiFi, camera roll and hassle caused by the Enhance button.

Apple iOS 8.0.3 is expected to improve the problem caused by the decision to move the Enhance button. The button was moved to the top of the editing toolbar, which caused it to disappear after users edited features. It was also harder to reach in the larger iPhone.

The new operating system also addresses the camera roll issue, where the Recent Tab replaced the old Camera Roll tab. The new tab doesn’t show the recent photos taken by the user.

The complaints about the iOS 8 are long and detailed, and you can get an insight into it while visiting the Apple website. The users reporting these complaints have been diverse. Users of iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, 5C and 5S, iPhone 6 and also iPad has come forward to report the same issues.

Apple iOS 8.0.3

Apple introduced iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 and said that it will be launching iOS 8.1 on 20th October. Apple iDevice users can only hope that the update seriously address their issues this time round. Apple iOS 8.0.3 fixed most of the bugs, but it still had some serious issues to fix.

Are you an avid Apple fan? What is your take on the glitches in the new operating system of Apple? Leave your comments below.


  1. I’m so frustrated with Apple. I’m ready to return my iPhone 6. The connection to my uverse router is crap. iOS 8.1 Hate!

  2. After buying a used iPhone 5 on eBay I had to update the phone to iOS 8.0.3 the signal worked for about 24 hours now nothing! I can’t seem to get a signal at all, any ideas? Or this phone is being returned!

    1. hello! did you get your issues fixed? And may I ask how you did it? Installed software update and now I only have SOS singnal?? My phone is also n Iphone 5.
      Thank you!

  3. while watching Nexflex my Apple TV will either reboot it self or just suddenly go out of the program I am watching. When I check my network connection it is fully charged. This started happening after the 8.0.3 update.

  4. Since d/l iOS 8.03, I can no longer make purchases in App Store. Top, search, etc pages are blank. The only page not blank is the update page.

  5. Long-time Apple die-hard is ready to return her 8.03 iPhone. Music WILL NOT stop just turning on, over and over. I CAN’T STOP IT FROM TURNING BACK ON. HELP ME!!!!

    SIRI interrupts in phone calls and ends the call — I seldom use SIRI and turned it off — but it didn’t help the MUSIC at all.

    I have every MUSIC option turned off — now I just wish it wouldn’t play. I’m talking turning on maybe 50 – 75 times a day, or more. Awful.

    Calls keep dropping. I call a contact, it rings twice, then ends the call. Someone calls me, it rings once or twice and as I’m answering it — the call if gone.

    Where oh where is Steve Jobs?????? Apple has turned into Microsoft…….. buggy, crummy code, can never fix it, good features disappear and are replaced by much less user-friendly options.

    I never thought I would see the day I would be cursing Apple — but it is here.

    Where is the legendary Apple Quality Control??????????

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