After Fallout With Huawei, Google Has Postponed The Release Of The Most Awaited Nexus 7 Which Is Rumoured To Run On The “Andromeda” Operating System!

People familiar with the concept of Google Nexus series have been avidly waiting for the launch of the Google Nexus 7 which was supposed to be released on 2016. Technological geeks have taken up the liberty to review the product and tally the comparative differences with the former models of the series.

The screen display of the newest addition is rumored to be 7 inches, and there will be a slight change in the name of the phone. It is set to be called “Pixel 7” instead of “Nexus 7” so that people don’t get confused with the former products of the series.

The developers and the manufacturers have clarified that the Google Nexus 7 2016 will be nothing like the other models that were released back in 2013. It will be a stud with more features and better functions. It was also rumored that the handset was being made with collaboration with Huawei.

Marques Brownlee, the popular technology video blogger, has mentioned that the body of the tablet will be made of metal to give the phone more sturdiness and longevity. It is also going to have a glass window for a firm and comfortable grip.

The features of the phone include a 4GB Ram along with a Snapdragon 829 Processor with an Adreno 530 GPU and a 64 GB Internal Storage. The people who have been waiting for the release are till now very happy with the features and are expecting a lot more from the product.

There have been rumors that Huawei is going to turn down the manufacturing of the Google Nexus 7 after they were informed about the lack of a collaborative logo. The company turned down the contract after they learned that Google is set to omit their company’s name from the launch of the phone.

After the arising rifts between Google and Huawei, the release of the phone which was supposed to be in December has been put on hold until the next year, probably the initial months of 2017. Google is in contacts with the Chinese manufacturer, HTC, for their Nexus 7 manufacturing. There has been no confirmed news about the collaborations, but speculations are floating around.

According to previous rumors, it was said that the Nexus 7 was set to have Android Nougat as the Operating System, but it has been confirmed that the device is going to run on Andromeda. For anyone who is not aware, Andromeda is the collaboration between a Chrome and Android Operating System.

The device is going to one of the best in the series with its magnificent features which even includes an expandable memory up to 2TB. The device is also set to have a 13mp rear camera and a battery of 5100 maH power.

Google Nexus 7 2016

After the fallout with Huawei, the users who were waiting for the launch of the phone by the end of this year, probably before Christmas are now uncertain about its release. The Huawei’s Vice President recently confirmed about the possible fallout and stated valid reasons for the same as well.

According to his statements, he stated that due to not having an official connection and name on the finished product, they had to break the signed contract because they were not benefiting from it. Huawei, which is thriving for a name in this competitive market, definitely needed that recognition from Google for their market to flourish as well.

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