3D Video Recording Capability of GoPro Hero 5 to Dramatically Improve User Experience

More improvements in the works

The official release date of the GoPro Hero 5 has been pushed back by a few months because the company is apparently working on further improvements on the device which would make it the most powerful videographic camera in the world when it hits the market.

According to previous reports, the camera would hit the market no later than October 2015 but it can be further delayed towards the end of the year or early in 2016.

Apparently, GoPro is working on further improvements on some of the camera’s specifications and features.

The new specifications of GoPro Hero 5 are major improvements from the capability of the GoPro Hero 4, which is capable of recording 4K videos at a slower and choppier rate of 30 frames per second.

The specification shall also put GoPro Hero 5 well above its competitors considering that 4K video recording have become common and is now basically a market standard.

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  1. The whole idea of Gopro switching to a powerful laptop chip from AMD seems out of left field. I’m not sure of the real use case. No one needs 8k.

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