2016 Ford Bronco Possible Launching Next Year Would Mark 20 Years After the End of Production of the Old Bronco!

While there have been reports that the 2016 Bronco was just an April Fool’s Day joke that was blown out of proportion, latest reports in the past couple of months seem to indicate that the American car manufacturing firm is about to roll out sometime next year.

However, Ford refuses to divulge any details about it at all, leaving enthusiasts and kibitzers to speculate again.

Based on the 2004 concept, there were reports that the 2016 Ford Bronco would come out looking like a combination of a jeep and an SUV, which would be an ideal vehicle for going into safari or the jungle. It is for such reason that the vehicle was rumored to make its debut in the “Jurassic World” perhaps as a park vehicle.

But as it turned out, there was no trace at all of the 2016 Ford Bronco when “Jurassic World” finally hit the theaters in June this year. In its stead, was the Mercedes-Benz compact crossover which was the service vehicle of Bryce Dallas Howard, who played park manager Claire in the movie.

After countless rumors of its impending release that did not materialize at all, many of the skeptics believe that the vehicle will no longer see the light of day.

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