Zelda Wii U Console Release Has Been Confirmed!

If you have only been alive for 15 years, there is a good chance that you will not remember the first ever Zelda video game. The game title has been around for many years, but in recent ones it seemed that Nintendo seemed to forget about it. There was rumors that you were going to be able to play it on the Nintendo Wii U console, but there was no confirmation from the company about that. That was until this week.

According to at least one online source, Zelda is coming to the Nintendo Wii U video game console. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a game from 1998 and now gamers will be able to enjoy it once again. If you were born after 1998, this will seem like a little bit of time travel in terms of gameplay and graphics, but Zelda was considered one of the best back then. If you want to check the game out, it can be purchased in the Wii U eStore for just $9.99.

After you purchase the game, it will be available for download shortly after. The game was originally released for the Nintendo 64 for and is only one of a few titles that have been released for the Nintendo Wii U console. More of the Nintendo 64 titles were available on the Nintendo Wii over the last few years. Other titles that have been released to the Nintendo Wii U console include Paper Mario, Donkey Kong 64 and Super Mario 64.

The last time the title was released, it was developed as a 3D graphical game and released for the Nintendo 3DS a few years ago. Right now, it looks like you cannot get your hand on that title any longer as it is “out of print”, according to reports. For the Nintendo Wii U, you will be getting the regular version of the game and not the 3D graphically enhanced version of the game. For those that love to relive the old gamer days, that is just perfect enough. The adventure game still holds up very well, according to critics.

legend of zelda

In terms of graphics and things that might be looked at today in a negative light, Zelda for the Wii U is going to be a little behind the times. Gamers should not expect to see rich, life-like 3D graphics in the game like they do in the games that are played today. The Nintendo 64 was a console a head of its time, but things have dramatically improved since then. Video gamers from the late 1990’s are going to rejoice that they will be able to play an older title that was one of the best back then.

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