WWE: Paige comments on scandalous leaked images

Many singers, actors, and celebrities have gained a lot from a hacking event known as The Fappening. Their leaked photos went out into the world and got them new more followers, more popularity, and in the end, more money. But, some victims are not satisfied with their photos and videos becoming public. We are guessing that WWE star Paige is one of them.

What happened?

Paige (born Saraya-Jade Bevis) was the victim of a hacker attack a few days ago. Several heavily compromising photos and videos of the former WWE and Divas’ Champion were leaked without her authorization.

Leaked nude photos and videos were first seen on 4chan and Reddit. However, these two platforms took down the pictures after flagging them as inappropriate. A string of videos that have appeared feature Paige performing a solo act with a sex toy, another engaging in oral sex, one with two separate male wrestlers, and at least two other videos in which she can be seen having intercourse with men.

 It took this 24-year-old very little time to address the issue on Twitter. “Personal and private photos of mine were stolen and unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent.”

Unfortunately, this is far from enough to stop the leaked photos and videos from being spread all over the internet like a virus.

News of her leaked photos drew a lot more attention than they would have normally since the Total Divas cast member took a break from the limelight for medical reasons.

Not the first time

There have been reports online that a dozen or more other celebrities have been victims of this hack-attack, including Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried. However we look at it, it is extremely similar to a 2014 hack that targeted many celebrities like Kate Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton.

The hacker from 2014, Ryan Collins was sentenced to 18 months in a federal prison. He reportedly used a phishing scam to hack into at least 50 Apple iCloud and 72 Gmail accounts.

In this event, Watson and Seyfried are already taking actions to mitigate the damage. Emma Watson’s representatives already confirmed her photos were stolen and distributed, but denied reports that she was nude on some of them. Amanda Seyfried is already pursuing legal action for the photos that leaked.

How did her family react?

Surprisingly commenting the issue was Paige’s mother, who confirmed that indeed photos of her daughter were leaked online. However, she didn’t judge her daughter. In a Tweet, she wrote, “People get hacked, unfortunately, my daughter had pics and video shared from years ago, my husband and I support her 100% no fault of her own.”

Fans are worried about her career

Since June last year, Paige was away from WWE owing to her health issues. Several times she was scheduled to appear, but due to her condition, she did not. 

At the end of September, Paige claimed she was going in to have neck surgery, but, in October, the company suspended her for 60 days for a second violation of their wellness policy. This is when she claimed publicly that WWE treats certain stars differently based on their popularity.

Many WWE fans are now on social media, voicing their fears that leaked photos could get Page released by WWE since she has been on strained terms with the company lately. 

On the other hand, Seth Rollins was a victim of having his photos leaked online without his approval several years ago, and he was handed his WWE Championship only two months later. 

paige wwe leaked scandal videoAlso, just two weeks ago, Tom Phillips endured a serious scrutiny for racy messages he had sent out to his alleged mistress. The woman in question was responsible for the leak. She found out Phillips was engaged and was pretty upset that he would behave in such a manner. WWE took no action against him.

This issue is pretty sensitive. On one hand, half the Internet claims she should have been more careful, she shouldn’t have recorded such events anyhow, and also, that she shouldn’t have stored them on a device that would be so easily hacked. On the other hand, she is a victim of a crime. As she has commented already, those were private, and not meant for the world to see. 

So, even though WWE has yet to issue an official statement regarding the issue, we think that no action will be taken against the Anti-Diva. It would be terrifying to terminate this athlete and reality TV starlet’s contract just because she is a victim of a crime.

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