With News of Renewal for Season 7 Still Lacking, Season 6 of ‘Rookie Blue’ Could Be its Last

Season 6 of the Canadian police drama TV series “Rookie Blue” has just premiered in its home country last month on Global TV network and is due to debut on ABC in the US on June 25.

While Canadians have been talking about the first couple of episodes of “Rookie Blue” already, the Americans are still waiting to get their first servings of the very popular TV series for Season 6.

However, fans should know that the show’s Season 6 was originally produced as the second half of a 22-episode Season 5 but was later on repackaged and re-branded as the sixth season of the series, note the Ecumenical News.

What this means is that the stars of the show have not done any additional filming for Season 6 as what is being shown in Canada or to be shown in the US in two weeks time are episodes that have already been shot for Season 5 last year.

In other words, the show would have been good only for Season 5 if the producers did not divide its 22-episode roster into two and re-brand the second half as Season 6.

A last hurrah

With the lack of news regarding the show’s renewal for Season 7, and a Season 6 that was actually a spillover from Season 5, fans of the show are already speculating that the sixth season may actually be “Rookie Blue’s” last.

Christon Shipton, Shaw Media senior vice president and chief creative officer, revealed in an interview recently that the show’s future was still under discussions internally. She added that they have been seriously working hard on it but it’s just unfortunate that nothing was happening thus far.

She explained that she loves the show a lot and it would really be good if they could take a hit Canadian TV show to seven seasons because the list of Canadian series that has reached Season 7 mark is pretty small.

Shipton said that nothing is official at this point but she assured fans that her team is working for the possible renewal of the show for Season 7, citing that all hope is not lost and talks are still going on for the series to move forward.

A shocking revelation to start Season 6 with a bang

By this time, loyal fans and viewers of the show already know that the premiere of Season 6 of “Rookie Blue” would have lead protagonist police officer Andy McNally, played by Missy Peregrym, devastated by the personal revelation of his boyfriend Detective Sam Swarek, played by Ben Bass, that he got his ex-girlfriend police officer Marlo Cruz pregnant just before they split.

rookie blue

Fast forward to episode 3 where Andy gets into a rather awkward position as she unintentionally joins forces with Juliette Ward, played by Erik Karpluk, to contain a riot in the female prison facility.

Given her state of mind after Sam’s discloser, Andy still needed a distraction and the partnership with Juliette is still a welcome relief for her.

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