Winds of Winter Will Come Out in 2016 at the Earliest: Reports Suggest

Amid the anxious waiting of book lovers and enthusiasts, the much-anticipated epic fantasy novel “Winds of Winter” of critically-acclaimed author George R.R. Martin is likely to come out in 2016 at the earliest.

The “Winds of Winter” is also the forthcoming sixth novel in the epic fantasy series “A Song of Fire and Ice,” which paved the way for the very successful video game franchise “Game of Thrones” and equally became a very successful TV series.

Writing pace

Judging from the writing pace of George R.R. Martin on the last three books in the scheduled seven-book epic fantasy, it is very likely that the sixth installment will be released on 2016. While 2017 may still be a possibility, it would not go beyond that year.

The third book in the series titled “A Storm of Swords” was released on 2000. Five years later, the fourth book, titled “A Feast for Crown” came out.

In 2011, “A Dance with Dragons” was released. Martin’s writing pace is between five to six years. Thus, it follows that “Winds of Winter” will be released 2016 at the earliest, and 2017 being the latest.

The first three books in the series also came out in the span of two years each starting in 1996, which is most likely due to the fact that Martin already has enough materials for completing three books.

The first book in the series titled “A Game of Thrones” was published in 1996. Two years later, book two titled “A Clash of Kings” was subsequently released. The third book, as already mentioned came out in 2000.

Countdown messages

George R.R. Martin has been refusing to disclose the release date of his widely anticipated sixth novel under “A Song of Fire and Ice” but he did post some cryptic messages in his Twitter account last December that some thought that it was an insinuation from the author that the book may already come out very soon, details the Christian Post.

The hashtags on his post at Twitter made fans really think that it was a countdown to the release of the “Winds of Winter” as his tweets were made from December 10 to 16.

The author later on clarified that his post was not a countdown to his upcoming book and he also apologized for misleading others to believe otherwise.

george martin

Martin said that he’s not like some authors and he does not want to play games with news about upcoming books. He said that he understands how widely anticipated his sixth book has become and how anxious some fans have become merely waiting for it.

The novelist said that he is still working on the book and that when he’s done writing, he will announce it right away. He also added that he will not offer any form of clues or hints when he is through writing the book, saying that when it is done, he will say that it is done.

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