What’s Each Dinosaur’s Role in the Upcoming Jurassic World

When it comes out “Jurassic World” is likely going to shake the film industry quite harsh. The film is already enjoying immense amounts of popularity despite being some time away from its release, and fans love to speculate about what they’re going to see once the film has been released. We’ve already seen some official releases of information from behind the scenes, and every time the producers come out with new information, it’s becoming more and more clear that they’re developing this film with a lot of love and attention.

One of the things “Jurassic World” is going to do for the franchise is to introduce various new dinosaur species, some of which have already been hyped up quite a lot in advertising campaigns. And at the official website, fans can already see a list of dinosaurs that will be featured in the new film, along with some information about their “special skills”.

For example, we have the Ankylosaurus, which, despite its fierce appearance, is actually herbivorous. It’s covered in thick armor and seems to rely on its heavy frame for survival quite a lot. Speculation has arisen that this new dinosaur might actually be seen rolling around on the ground quite often, and it also has an appendage that can work like a wrecking ball, as described by some publications.

The Apatosaurus is also an interesting one, resembling the Brontosaurus quite a lot in its appearance. However, it’s been revised a bit, especially around the head, so it now has its own distinctive appearance. One trend that’s not changing in the series, according to reports, is that it will still be the dinosaur shown to fans first. Even if it has a different name, it’s still the same beast underneath, from what it seems, so it makes sense to feature it in a similar way like it’s always been used so far.

A more interesting and unusual entry in the line-up is the Gallimimus, which, despite its peculiar appearance, will actually serve no specific purpose in the world of the film. The producers apparently want to introduce a lot of extra details in the new “Jurassic World”, making the whole environment feel more alive and special, and there’s certainly nothing bad about that.

Jurassic World

The whole reason the “Jurassic” franchise became so successful in the first place was the serious approach to immersion that the producers have always had, and it looks like “Jurassic World” is going to continue that trend with full force. What else are we going to see that expands the background scenery of the new film in creative ways? We’ll probably soon see previews with even more information in this regard.

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