What can we expect from the Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Final Fantasy VII is largely recognized as one of the most important creations in video game history. Taking the RPG genre from a 2d to a 3d format on Sony’s PlayStation, Final Fantasy VII set the tone for the future of RPGs and shaped the genre to what we know and love today. So, it is no shocker to Final Fantasy fans everywhere that Final Fantasy VII is getting a makeover.

At E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo where tech experts gather to share important information, Adam Boyes, VP of Developer Relations for Square Enix, announced that the company was re-making the impactful game to be released at a future date on the PlayStation 4.

Since that time Final Fantasy and gaming fans have been waiting to get their hands on the game that shaped their perception of RPGs. But it took longer than expected. The team at Square Enix tends to take on all projects alone, and the development of Final Fantasy XV and other games seemed to take priority. At least that’s what we thought.

New information released in an interview with Square Enix suggests that the team is very dedicated to making this game exactly what the fans are looking for. When asked in the interview how some particular game mechanics may change, Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of the remake, said that “There’s still a lot that I can’t say but we won’t be removing any parts of the original Final Fantasy VII that was well-received.”

As gaming fans are prone to do, they have read between the lines of this statement and have some interesting theories.

First, the amount of time it has taken to produce the game seems to suggest that the developers are doing more than slapping modern graphics into the same old game. Many believe that Square Enix is looking to update the game to fit the play style of the newest release in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XV.

The interviewer of Kitase from back in January confirmed our suspicions just last week in a new article detailing a more in depth conversation with Kitase regarding the combat of Final Fantasy VII. Additionally, rumors are spreading that the company had every intention of releasing a full trailer and some game play at a smaller electronics convention recently. But, they pulled the plug at the last minute and showed just a few screenshots. 

To many, this suggests that the official Final Fantasy VII remake is scheduled to be announced at a larger event, such as E3 2017. But what can we expect from this much anticipated release?

First, we should expect the game to look and feel significantly different than the original, which is obvious, but we should also expect a few new game mechanics that we haven’t seen in any previous Final Fantasy game. The sheer amount of time the company has dedicate to the remake is a sign that they are seeking to produce a unique experience. Perhaps even introducing game changing updates to the genre. If the original set the tone for the future of the genre, then perhaps Square Enix is using the same title to innovate once again.

Final-Fantasy-VII-Remake-3Second, we should stunning art and graphics. There is no excuse for a large video game developer not to have the top end in graphics, and there has to be a huge follow through based on the amount of buildup and hype for the game. I mean, it was announced in 2015. If you haven’t compiled beautiful art concepts in that amount of time by building of the original, I don’t know what to say. On top of that, Kitase said in the interview that they are touching up the initial sequence of the game.

If you are going back to touch up an introductory scene that may have little impact on the game. You’ve probably already gone over the rest of the game with a fine toothed comb.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a ton of evidence to substantiate any of these claims because… that’s how Square Enix wants it. What is clear, however, is that the company is building up the hype around this game enough to suggest a major shift in the game play experience. So, keep your eyes on your screen as E3 2017 approaches and hope that the remake is not a flop.

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