What Are the PlayStation Plus Games for June? Major Titles Rumored to Be Included!

June will be a busy month for game developers and players alike, as E3 is coming up and many exciting revelations are expected to be made there. One of the more interesting things that we’re waiting to hear at the moment is the list of new PlayStation Plus games, as there have been rumors that some major titles are about to be included in the June edition of the subscription, and many players have been preparing their consoles for massive downloads.

Sony themselves haven’t said anything about the June list of games for the subscription service, and they usually don’t reveal that information until the last moment anyway. However, if the current rumors are true, then they might be planning to include some AAA titles in the next round of releases, which would be quite exciting for those who’re paying for the premium subscription.

While it won’t be the first time an AAA title has been offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers, it’s still a rare occurrence, and most of the time the games included aren’t that impressive anyway. In most cases Sony prefer to include indie games to the list, which is not necessarily a bad thing as it helps some smaller developers get better exposure for their titles. Still, they’re offered for free so those developers don’t profit that much in the first place.

There are several titles that players have been particularly interested in and want to see as PlayStation Plus releases, including “Driveclub”, “Knack” and “Killzone: Shadow Fall”. The last one in particular has been highly requested by players, but Sony haven’t given any indication that they plan on making it available on PlayStation Plus. The game is a popular title and enjoys a lot of activity from its players, but it could always benefit from a boost of extra player numbers, which would be very easy to realize by making it a PlayStation Plus title.

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Sony have decided to reveal at least some information though, such as the list of games that they will offer at a discount at the end of May, for those who’re subscribed to PlayStation Plus. The deals include “Alien: Isolation” with the Season Pass Bundle, which has been reduced by around 66%; the season pass itself is available for just $12 as opposed to its base price of $29,99, and “Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Gold” has been cut in half. The season pass for the latter game is also offered at 50% off right now, and players can also get the latest “Battlefield: Hardline” Deluxe Edition for half price as well.

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