Voice Actor Teases of Possible Release of ‘Mafia 3’ Very Soon

Fans are getting more excited for the release of “Mafia 3” with all the teasers and image captures from 2K Games. The gamers are even more elated to get this amazing news from “Mafia 3” voice actor Rick Pasqualone when he recently took to Twitter to answer fans’ questions.

One user, Natalie Bennette, asked him how his Christmas was but her response was astounding. He said that he might have some “Mafia” news very soon. This is the same message he sent to another user who suggested for him to do “Mafia 3.”

“Mafia 3” has been rumored since March 2012 via an anonymous source who said that the game creator has already entered full production at the time. Later that year, it was reported that the game will appear on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For some reasons, the game encountered productions issues and the initial release plan was disrupted.

On January 2014. 2K Games closed the entire 2K Czech main office where the game was being developed as they sent their developers back in Brno and in California.

Fortunately for fans, the game is probably nearing its release date. There were multiple reports that featured a screenshot from online retailer Play-Asia that showed the CD cover of the game. The listing stated that the game will be available for PS4 and Xbox One. However, details about the price of the game was not included.

Considered as one of the most anticipated games for 2015, “Mafia 3” is reportedly about a paradise for gangsters that sprawl all over the city as they struggle to survive in their world that is full of danger and challenges. It was initially suggested that the game will be set in Louisiana, according to a casting call.

A casting call from Take-Two was published online by AGB and the post indicated that they are looking for three characters who were born in Louisiana. The three characters were supposed to be Franklin, Tony and Mickey.

mafia 3

Franklin is said to be born in Louisiana, mixed race (African-American/Caucasian), in his early 20s and about six feet tall. He has a big bouncer build, broad, not cut. As an orphan, he was a victim of segregation in the South. He was lead to live on a criminal environment and has become a disciplined and confident character who knows how to get the job done.

Tony is also born in Louisiana but he is Italian. He is thin and in his early 30s. A nerd for numbers and statistics, Tony runs a sports betting operations in the area. He is not the typical gangster and he is meticulous and organized. On his outer appearance, he seemed like a timid and shy guy but the reality is he can inflict violence on anyone who disturbs his goals.

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