Vin Diesel Makes An Announcement For Fast & Furious Fans All Over The World!

If you are one of the few that thought the Fast & Furious franchise was going to end anytime soon, you should take a look at the recent Instagram posts from Vin Diesel. According to reports, the actor, which has been in many of the previous seven movies, made an announcement for loyal Fast & Furious fans all over the world. That announcement would appear to show that he is teasing the fact that in the summer of 2017, Fast & Furious 8 will be coming to New York City.

The actor has more than 7.5 million followers on Instagram so that announcement touched people from all over the world. This is not the first time that Vin Diesel did something like this however. The actor was on Jimmy Kimmel live a little while ago and that is the first time that he teased that the eighth installment would be coming to the Big Apple and that big screen. If you remember Kurt Russel in the latest movie as “Mr. Nobody”, Diesel claimed that he was added to the cast for much “bigger things” in the franchise.

In saying a little bit about the new movie, that is when he added that it will be taking place in New York City. As the movie franchise has moved on from the first film, the stunts have been getting increasingly more insane and even though nobody is going to be able to picture what the stunt crew has in mind for New York City, the fans are only going to have to wait to see how it goes.

According to sources that are reporting on what Vin Diesel is talking about, the latest movie in the franchise should be in the theaters near you around the middle of April in 2017. Vin Diesel is a fan favorite whether it comes from the franchise, his other movies or just the fact that he is a loyal Dungeons & Dragons player. In 2013, Vin Diesel finally got added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and that seemed to cement his name in the hearts of fans around the world. Just about any movie that he has been involved with has been at the top of the list.

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His career started many years ago when he was an orderly in “Awakenings” back in 1990. Even though he was unaccredited for that role, others notice his talent and that is when the career took the next turn. His most notable, early role would have been in the Oscar winning movie “Saving Private Ryan” as Private Adrian Caparzo. Other than being in many of the top movies to be released since 2000, he has also been involved in video games.

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